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Morgan R, Guitar Student

Krystle is a great teacher. She is personable and adjusts her lesson to fit your interests and skill level. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for guitar lessons!

Lois K, Bass Student

Krystle provides clear, well-planned, easy to follow instruction on the bass guitar. Her extensive teaching experience enables her to customize her instruction for any age or skill level. As an adult learner, I appreciate that Krystle’s feedback is direct, on target and encouraging. She sincerely wants her students to do well and to feel confident and accomplished. 

Rachel B, Guitar Student

I have always wanted to be in a band but convinced myself I wasn't talented or creative enough to do it, but Krystle changed everything for me! I am now playing guitar and taking bi-weekly lessons, but more than that, I gained confidence, cool and the knowledge within myself that with a great teacher/coach like her I can do anything I want to! Super great teacher, amazing price and awesome space!

Candice Smith, Mom

Had an amazing time at the BabyPunk class with my 1 year old son!! We'll definitely be returning. I think he loved playing the drums most!

Leiah Neim, Mom

We attended BabyPunk with 2yo twins in tow, and they had a blast. As soon as it was over, they asked to come back soon. They loved the music, the atmosphere and all the different instruments to play. It was well done and very well organized.

Stephanie L, Guitar Student

Awesome place where everyone is welcomed, facility is thoughtfully designed to encourage creativity and it is also conveniently located near I-485. I would recommend anyone check this place out for a lesson or a workshop!

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