Why Billie Eilish is a Game Changer for the Music Industry

Billie Eilish is the youngest person and first woman to win FOUR of the most prestigious Grammys in one night. Even if you don't dig her music, or think the Grammys are a joke, here's why you need to pause for a moment and acknowledge the massive shift beginning in music industry and how it's a big win for equality.

Billie and her brother Finneas have been making beats in their bedroom for years because they love making music. The playful brother sister dynamic between the pair seems to make their albums interesting and stage presence mesmerizing. Even though a lot of the music is simple, it is rich with the ebb and flow of musical volume and space. Between explosive bass beats you'll discover stripped down cliffs of haunting vocals that are gingerly stacked to create this really powerful unique sound. They are incredible songwriters and producers.

So why is that so impressive?

Billie Eilish created chart topping songs of which she has 100% creative control. Musicians need to record their music, show up to a studio and the odds are your music will be produced by someone other than yourself, and those engineers/producers are most likely dudes.

It's hard to step into a role when your environment dictates that you have to be a certain sex or age to be in a position of ultimate control.

The fact that Billie and Finneas accomplished this win of epic proportions shows hope for equality in the music industry and beyond.

I come from the generation of Britney Spears and The Spice Girls, pop princesses with zero control over their music. For too long music industry big-wigs have used sex to sell records and push women into a place where we serve someone else's impulses and needs. Having some middle aged guy tell you the best plan of action for your new hit single is to dress up in a skimpy school girl uniform and act naughty in front of a camera... is pretty f*cked up right?

When the #1 artist in the world is a girl that hides her figure and melts your face with her unique sound, you gotta take pause for a moment and wonder... is this the beginning of something bigger?

You don't have to have a record label to get famous anymore. Recording has become more accessible than ever, and Billie is certainly inspiring youth to mess around with audio engineering software and dress how they like instead of conforming to be the object of a grown man's desire.

It's impressive even if you don't like her music, but maybe give it a deeper listen if you are on the fence.


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Thanks for reading,

Krystle Baller


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