LIVE Music Lessons Online, an In-Home Answer to Arts Programming During the Corona Virus Epidemic

A lot has changed in the past 5 days. Covid-19 is here in the United States and schools have shut down. I hope if you are reading this you are home, distancing yourself from others. To say we are all concerned is an understatement.

Pachyderm is going 100% online for the time being.

My daughter's school was on it, sending a packet home and learning resources. She's been out since Thursday. Even with the packet, she's going to have a lot of down time. It's the perfect time to be creative. Holed up in one spot is often when I do my best work.

We are very thankful to be able to do one-on-one LIVE video lessons with you. Some of our staff work day jobs in fields that have been shut down or are getting shut down. They are eager to take on some new students and focus on teaching during this time, something that brings us a lot of joy.

"Everyone who works there is really sweet, patient, and really good at teaching." -Tate H.

Even if you don't have an instrument, you can download a piano app on a tablet and video chat with one of our piano teachers via your laptop or phone.

This might be something that adults need as well. A new hobby to focus on. Some warm encouragement from one of our sweet teachers always brings a smile to folks' faces.

Learn online with one of our experienced teachers.

  • 30 minute LIVE Zoom video chat lessons for $45 each

  • Live with a teacher, not pre-recorded

  • Choose however many lessons you want

  • No Contract

  • Learn guitar, bass, ukulele, piano or voice

  • You can stick to one instrument or switch it up!

  • Use your laptop, phone or tablet

  • After purchasing your lessons here, we will reach out about booking times.

"I encourage everyone interested in learning music to seek lessons here." -MaryAnn B.

We are happy to switch you over to in-person lessons once the Corona Virus Pandemic is over and everything is back to normal. If you decide you can't squeeze music lessons in when you get back to your normal life, that's cool too.

We hope we can bring some joy to your home through music during this difficult time and you can bring some to ours as we see our students learn and achieve new things.

We love you and we wish all of the inhabitants of Earth good health and happiness.

Once this is behind us, we will be sure to have a group jam and celebrate having made it through.

Register here.

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