How I Found Love this February

January always takes 20 years and then February zips on by. There were some pretty incredible moments this month, though. Gotta note it before we flip the calendar!

Magic, Music

Over the past 4 weeks I've had the pleasure of connecting with a group of incredibly kind, supportive and creative individuals. There was a whole lot of magic in that class and I for sure made some life long friends. We learned "Where Does the Good Go" by Tegan and Sara and wrote original songs. I pulled some new tricks out of the hat to keep things fresh and there were some really incredible epiphany moments. It was hands down the best thing to come out of February. I'm really pumped to infuse more love and magic into the March class starting next Tuesday. Registration is open, hop on the love train.

PML is Alive and Well

We had 4 new students join us in February along with multiple sweet messages from parents and loved ones who have seen a spark return in their loved one that has been missing since the beginning of the pandemic. We love our jobs! Daily goals: Get students to light up with enthusiasm and creativity! Hitting the mark on this one.

Time to Celebrate Our Success

I was working on my taxes and it dawned on me... holy bejezus we have been around for 5 years as of April! That is something to celebrate considering PML survived a divorce and a pandemic.

Time to Celebrate!

Students are working on original songs and we've been recording them for the special day. It's been so fun to work on this project with everyone! I can't wait to share the end results with y'all. Save the date: April 2nd at 7pm, you can watch via FB!