Feeling Boxed In

Sometimes creatives get boxed in. In fact we all do. You are a painter. You are a carpenter, you are a entrepreneur, etc. It will be one "You are" statement followed by a word and a very definitive period.

Music has always been something I was interested in, yet I majored in graphic design when I went to college. Having to be present while others experienced my work was very daunting to me so an art major seemed an obvious choice.

Art has always been a big part of my life. Creation is fun for the brain. Any kind of work where I feel like a detective searching for clues to bring an idea into fruition is exciting. Found objects are puzzle pieces forming little slices of the big picture.

Sometimes I get boxed in as a musician, which is in it's own rite an artist. No matter what you label me as, I tend to create things with my hands.

Do you ever feel boxed in to one thing? It's weird to feel some kind of way about it, especially when you actually love the work that you do.

Time to throw that box in the recycling.

I'm collaborating with a group of incredible women: Elizabeth Palmisano, Glisel Rivas, and Sheri Jenkins on 360 degrees of altar space called "This Hallowed Ground". This immersive art experience is an up-cycled circular structure transformed into a mystical hive of interactive art. "This Hallowed Ground" will inspire a feeling of awe and reverence for the magic and higher powers that be, while paying tribute to the elements that we so often take for granted: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

This event will house over 200 works of art by local artists all showcasing talented artists and creators. "This second Conversations With Nature exhibition showcases art that wrestles with themes as diverse as love, loss, divinity, death, and the urgency of protecting every inch of our sacred earth. The work is playful, but dark – introspective, but encouraging - all with the goal of inviting you into the mysteries nature is trying to reveal."

Featured artists are:

Kimberly McFadden Hutchinson Rebecca Jones Elizabeth Palmisano Nicole Schoepflin Joann Galarza Vega Sara Woodmansee

Matthew G. Guilin Joy Surles

See more thought-provoking imagery and video here.

Sound Healing | Brandi Leigh and Black Moon Soundscapes (7:30-8pm)

I hope you will come out and experience the Conversations with Nature show: Hallowed Ground on Friday the 13th at Good Year Arts from 6-9pm. The exhibition will be up through April 4th, so pop in and immerse yourself in incredible art and sacred space.

Much love,

Krystle Baller

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