You may recall in July 2018 I posted about my cousin's accident. Her car caught fire and her son, Tristan and daughter, Shawna were killed. Kristina was badly injured and spent 3 months in the hospital recovering.

She's been in court with General Motors the past few years. The vehicle caught fire because of a manufacturing defect with the car. There have been multiple reports of 2004 Buick Rendezvous catching fire. It is very obviously General Motors negligence that costed our family the ultimate price.

Her case was dismissed on a technicality because of an NC law that dismissed it over the age of the vehicle. Our family deserves justice and many other families deserve to be compensated to get these vehicles off the road. Kristina is suffering from PTSD and needs financial help as she deals with the mental trauma of this event.

After the loss of the case, we contacted WCCB and they did some investigative reporting. The link is at the bottom of this post. The events are described in horrific detail so please do not watch with children present, you might want to skip it all together, yourself.

I watched it last night and sobbed a lot.

There are times when you just feel helpless and sad. I have never felt such encompassing sadness and rage at the same time like this. Crying in my office, my acoustic bass was in arms reach. I started playing and sing-crying, tears falling on my instrument. It definitely helped. I might play it with my band if I can ever get to the point where I can sing it and my voice not crack. Kristina is a musician, too.

There is this feeling of complete betrayal behind it all.

My grandpa worked for General Motors for decades. Grandpa Frank and his 2 brothers discovered a job opportunity at GM in Michigan. This was a way they could escape the back-breaking and life-threatening work in the West Virginia coal mines. Grandpa was proud and loyal to GM and worked until he was able to retire. His pension helped give my family food and shelter. General Motors was a revered name in our household. I thought of GM in the same way people think of their grandma's Sunbeam Mixer she used every Thanksgiving to prepare her signature dish. Seeing the logo gave me a warm feeling in my heart, in that place that my grandfather lives. That warm feeling is replaced with horror.

General Motors murders children and shows zero remorse.

Kristina is appealing the case and unfortunately she's going to have to not only relive the events of that day every day for the rest of her life in her mind, she's going to relive them in the courtroom as well. My family needs your support. We all know about faceless corporations and how the world needs more corporate accountability. This is a story that is so completely terrifying, we might actually be able to make change.

Please share this post on social media or WBTV's excellent investigative report and tag people with power like government employees, famous moms, I don't know... use your best judgement. Please use the hashtag #boycottGM

Go to GM's social media and link to WBTV's video. Call them out! If you know anyone driving a 2004 Rendezvous please let them know it is a death trap. If we get enough shares maybe General Motors will pretend like they actually care about the people buying their cars and the children that ride in them.

Here's the link to the WBTV report: https://www.wbtv.com/2020/02/10/burke-co-mom-wants-justice-car-fire-death-two-small-children/?fbclid=IwAR12Ug6fcK7oaQWAZu4RwGv84WenhyAevRUIBpdlPMfYQg3BYWE6f5ugDJo

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