Best in the Nest 2020 (we've been nominated! Plz vote!)

October 2019... We just had our grand opening at the new spot and the world was full of possibility. This year it's been a dumpster fire and I haven't really felt motivated to talk too much about it.

We have been nominated for "Best Blog" in Best of the Nest. Thank you for shouting PML out there even though we've been in a bit of a lull! It means a lot that you all want to hear from us! Seal the deal by voting for us in the final round here.

Feel free to go through the entire City Life and Entertainment category and vote for anything Girls Rock Charlotte, Pachyderm Music Lab, RICHARD (my band), and Elizabeth Palmisano (My future wife).

or you can individually click these links:

Best Activist Group: Girls Rock Charlotte

Best Blog: Pachyderm Music Lab

Best Free Event: Girls Rock Charlotte Virtual Summer Camp

Best Local Celebrity: Krystle Baller 😂😂😂

Best New Thing: Rock on 22nd/Girls Rock Charlotte

Best Non-Profit: Girls Rock Charlotte

Best Place to Volunteer: Girls Rock Charlotte

Best Virtual Event: Girls Rock Charlotte Virtual Sumer Camp

Best Live Performers: RICHARD (It's a band made up of Krystle, Staples, Sarah and Savanna from GRC!)

Best Local Show of the Past 12 Months: RICHARD, Stevie and Ringo Deathstarr at Snug Harbor

Best New Band: RICHARD

Best Open Mic Night: Shannon Lee's Open Mic/Jam (This is where we do our Lady Rockstars shows)

Best Visual Artist: Elizabeth Palmisano (aka the love of my life)

Thank you for your continued love and support!

Pachyderms have thick skin and that means we plan to be around a long time. In the midst of the Hot Garbage that is 2020 it's particularly special to have sweet things like this come your way. Even if we don't win any of these categories, just being nominated is an honor! We appreciate you, friends!

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