Arist Spotlight: Shannon Lee

I remember the moment I knew.... I was at a Hank Williams Jr. concert with my dad, under the age of 10. Hank had played a long set with his band, then they left the stage and he was left with just a stool and his guitar. Played a good 45 minutes like that, and I got this funny feeling in my stomach as I watched. I remember turning to my dad and saying “I want to do THAT when I grow up”. I never wavered. I was already taking piano lessons. I wanted a guitar but we couldn’t afford one, my mom already had a piano, so it made more sense. I had started singing at church, did my first paid gig at a wedding when I was 8. Aside from a 5 year hiatus after college, music has always been an integral part of my life. The one thing that I knew could never be taken away.

Over the years my journey has taken many different roads. Musical theater, opera, a metal band, solo, duo, trio acoustic, choirs... you name it, I have likely dabbled in it. I feel very blessed to have had all the experiences I have, and look forward to more adventures. Lately my focus has been on the open mic scene, which I love. It’s fun to be a part of the community and all that it does for those who simply love to play music. I like being a witness to new players as they fall in love with music and get to work improving their skills. I like being the first to hear new songs. I like watching experienced players mentor. I like watching new projects fall together and grow. Most of all I like the family that has come out of it. Many of us are implants to the area, and this ever growing group of musicians has become our local family. It’s quite lovely to watch them support each other. As for my personal musical trek, I have found myself seeking lately. I’m not exactly sure what I’m looking for, but I’m sure I’ll know when I find it. Writing has been a challenge the past few years, but a new song has emerged, and a second is in the works. It’s a crazy thing we, as artists, put ourselves through. Can’t imagine life without this wonderful quest, though

In the end, we must find what feeds our soul, whatever that entails. What ever flips your lid, do that. Be it music, or art, dance, building things, fixing things, teaching... whatever brings you joy and purpose, do as much of it as you can. Share it with the world. God gives everyone a gift, or many gifts. He doesn’t make mistakes, and your gift is meant to be used for your fulfillment, and also to serve the world in some capacity. For me, it’s music.

-Shannon Lee


Say hi to Shannon Lee at one of her upcoming shows!

Open Mic Nights:

-Tuesdays at Moochies (you can catch Pachyderm Music Lab's own Lady Rockstars there performing the last Tuesday of every month, too).

-Thursday nights at The Wine Loft Southend (acoustic).

Next Shannon Lee Performance:

-Friday, February 21st at Grape and Agave, 8-11

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