$5 Guitar and Bass Lessons for Quarantined Femmes

Music saved my life.  When I was a kid I endured a lot of trauma.  Listening to songs and playing them became an escape.  When I focused on the notes, the pain became obsolete.  Because of the abuse, and just being a teenage girl... I was extremely self conscious.  I didn't perform in front of people until I was 24 years old.  One day I joined a band and suddenly that nervous energy and low self-esteem melted away.  I discovered a secret, one I felt compelled to share.  Music gives people confidence that will transform all parts of their lives.

I understand the power of music. This guided me to help start Girls Rock Charlotte, a non-profit that uses music to amplify the voices of girls and gender diverse youth.  Being involved with Girls Rock led to me to understand there is also a huge gap missing in programming for adult women to find their own voices.  I created classes specifically for adult women and non-binary people called Lady Rockstars based on this need.  Lady Rockstars is in-person group classes where I put newbie guitar and bass players in bands and then they go play an open mic together every month.  Well... I did.  Until the Corona Virus Pandemic.   It's okay though.  Because I have already created an online version of this called Lady Rockstars Plugged In.  I wanted to have an accessible guitar and bass program for women and non-binary folks.  You shouldn't have to live in Charlotte to experience this magic.  In the spirit of total accessibility I made the price insanely low.  It's only $5 a month.  Every week I post a video tutorial for guitar and one for bass guitar.  Most of the songs I teach are written by women.  

If you find yourself stuck in quarantine and happen to have a guitar or bass that's been collecting dust for years, now is the time to brush it off.   In addition to the videos, you will be a part of our online community where we share songs, progress, and bitch about the patriarchy.

You get a 7 day free trial, so what do you have to lose?

Sign up here for your free Lady Rockstars Plugged In trial.

Lady Rockstars Plugged In is for adults 18+ due to a sprinkling of profanity and some adult themes.

If you have a child or you want to get some one on one instruction yourself, you can do private lessons with one of our teachers.  My studio, Pachyderm Music Lab offers online lessons for guitar, bass, ukulele, voice, piano, drums and songwriting.  30 minute LIVE instruction with one of our experienced teachers (many of whom are short on work right now due to their shows being canceled). $45 a lesson.  You can sign up here.

If you are interested in hearing more about how music saved my life after being sexually assaulted check out my TEDx Talk, "Women Turn Up the Volume".  I share part of my story and stories of those I've met along the way.  Hope to connect with more of you through music soon!  

Thanks for reading,

Krystle Baller

Krystle Baller is the owner of Pachyderm Music Lab, Co-Founder of Girls Rock Charlotte, creator of Lady Rockstars and a 2018 TEDx Charlotte Speaker.

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