3 Reasons Why Learning Music Online Will Save Your Sanity

The pandemic has us cooped up and searching for new things to do. Here's why playing an instrument will keep you sane.

1. A Needed Distraction...

Well here we are... scrolling... eating... watching tv... cleaning... watching more tv... cleaning... more cleaning... more scrolling... ahhh the news! Back to Netflix... oh someone's hungry again... "I'll I do anymore is cook.... and the laundry... and the dishes... gahhh"

Time to dust off that guitar you found when you were purging your closet and focus on something other than the state of your household or the news.

*Alternatively, your kids are probably going insane too so this might be something to get them off of your back and a fun thing to focus on in between the stress of school assignments.

2. There's a song for all the emotions you feel.

Frustrated? Play something super edgy to get the energy out. Sad? There's an emo song with your name on it. Anxious? Focusing on learning something will distract you from the weirdness that surrounds us.

3. A sense of accomplishment.

Just learning one song will make you feel pretty dang proud. It isn't that hard to play an instrument and we would be happy to show you how!

Book a lesson with one of our rad instructors and get some sweet person to person interaction with someone other than your partner and kids... or learn online with Krystle Baller in Lady Rockstars Plugged In. There's loads of easy songs to get you started on guitar and bass.

Side note: Your kids want to feel accomplished too. Hit us up! We would be happy to teach them! They don't even need an instrument. We can write lyrics and/or use our voice.

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