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Help Us Amplify Voices!

In the past 6 years we've created over 60 all women bands and counting. The premise of Lady Rockstars is: learn 2 songs on an instrument with a group of women and rock out at an open mic at the end of 4 weeks.

But honestly, it's a confidence-building program disguised as rock camp for adults.


Above Video: Lady Rockstars creator, Krystle Baller giving her 2018 TEDx Talk "Women Turn Up the Volume" Lady Rockstars is about connection, courage, and overcoming. We have thoughtful discussions and do activities throughout our rockstar journey together that lead to profound insights and women feeling validated and SEEN. "If you are wanting to level up in your personal growth or your job or any area of life - LADYROCKSTARS!!!! It will take you to your next level of greatness." -Meliea B


As of right now. Pachyderm is not making much money off of this program. Why? Because every month I give people partial and full scholarships to do the class. Scholarships without any backing. I want to make the pricing accessible, so we have sliding scale pricing. ($150-$350) Even the highest price still pales in comparison to what the value of it is ($2000k+). If I charge what the value of it is, then I will not be serving the demographics that need this program the most. This is where you come in. The work is so powerful, I have been continuing it this long without paying myself. But it's time to make this program bigger and to do that I need to generate a model that can pay staff to help me so we can duplicate this in other cities. Will you sponsor scholarships so women can step into their power?

DONATE NOW At the end of every Lady Rockstars, before we go to an open mic, we do this thing called "Wish Bracelets" where you give someone a compliment and a wish. It's one of the most incredible moments of the program because you see how people you have only spent 8 hours of time with perceive you. You don't think you'd get to know a person that quickly but you do. Vulnerable situations and team work forge powerful bonds between people, quickly. One of the women told me: "Lady Rockstars is the only place in the world... the only time in my life... that I can have this. That's why I keep coming back again and again." In every single band one of the universal wishes going around is: "I wish you will come back and be in a band with me again." and they do. They really do. I am doing the world a disservice if I do not duplicate this program so others can have it. To do this, I need funding.


"In addition to the music, I learned the true meaning of solidarity and sisterhood, the importance of self-care and being ballsy and brave in the things I do. More than that, my passion has been rekindled through the chance I've been given to do what I love." -Vanessa B. I didn't understand what was happening when I started this. Why it is so unbelievably magical, but as I've grown with the program, I'm starting to. Over the next year I want to map out a plan to train new Lady Rockstars facilitators and compile all of the material I have created since our humble beginnings in 2014. When I did my TEDx Talk, I was instructed to give a speech on my "BIG IDEA" Well I have the idea and now I really want to implement it on a larger scale.

You know... make a bigger impact. ' Spread this thing as far as it will go. Because let's face it. When women use their voices, the world is a better place. People are taken care of. Injustices start to dwindle. Giving a scholarship to a Lady Rockstar isn't just helping a woman learn music. It's helping shift the power back to a balance, making the world we live in a safer and better place.


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