Playing Bass and Singing is Hard.

Our first big show & my first real gig fronting a band... EVER. It would mean a lot to me personally if my village showed up... on a cold Wednesday night at 10pm. 🤞 Girls Rock Charlotte gets a portion of bar sales.

Fun fact! I build bands for a living, but have only been in 2 bands (I played bass with a bunch of dudes). Both of which were hip hop cover bands (you know it's sad but trueeee). My last band dissolved in 2014.

This is the first band I've ever fronted (it's hard to sing and play bass, but I finally figured it out). First original band I've ever been in. The lyrics are really personal. Vulnerability doesn't seem to get easier, but I always say f*** it and proceed anyway.

Will you come absorb our sound waves? Once you do will you tell me what kind of music we play? I can't quite figure it out. It's funky, punky, groovy, rocky, synthy... IDK. I do know every time I play with these incredible humans I BEAM. Pretty sure we are awesome.

11/13/19 10pm, Wednesday night @ Snug Harbor

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