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Dating An Artist

When is the last time you allowed yourself to be inspired?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been participating with a group in doing The Artist’s Way. It’s a spiritual guide to unlocking your creativity. Every week the group meets up and we discuss the chapters in the book and the tasks we’ve completed and then do additional activities facilitated by Elizabeth Palmisano and Bree Stallings.

It’s been an enlightening experience to say the least. I’m discovering a lot about myself through writing the “Morning Pages” aka 3 pages of freehand writing you do when you wake up to clear brain space for the day.

One of the other required activities is called the “Artist Date”. You are encouraged to take a couple hours every week to go do something by yourself that can lead to inspiration. This could be a walk in the woods, listening to an album, reorganizing your storage unit, really anything. You just need to do it on your own and block the noise that comes with doing things with your friends or kids to make room for the inspiration.

Went on an epic Artist Date last week...

I scored a free ticket to see Sleater-Kinney in Atlanta. It was an Artist DREAM Date. Sleater-Kinney was part of the RIOTGRRRL Movement in the 90s. A new wave of feminism where women weren’t seeing themselves recognized in music so they showed up and supported each other. Riotgrrrlz called women to the front at their shows and spoke on equality issues, rallying people to vote and speak out.

The band, Sleater-Kinney recently reunited after a pretty long hiatus. You might recognize one of the band members, Carrie Brownstein. She writes and stars in the hit show, Portlandia with dead pan comic and musician, Fred Armisen (SNL).

Sleater-Kinney really brought it on so many levels. The songs are so beautifully layered with brilliant sound. There’s no bass guitar, but instead they stack the low end with the use of keyboards and a baritone guitar.

Not only was the sound incredible (and BIG) they were going hard the whole set and Carrie was all over the place, jumping, kicking, dancing, laying on the floor, playing her guitar over her head…. etc.

Seeing her play like that was my biggest does of inspiration. I want to bring that kind of energy to the stage when I perform.

My band, RICHARD, has our first real gig coming up in a couple weeks.

We are opening up with our friends, Stevie for the heavy/heady band RINGO DEATHSTARR. (THEY ARE SO GOOD)

The coolest thing is a portion of the ticket sales go to support Girls Rock Charlotte!

Come rage with us at Snug Harbor on November 13th at 10pm and see my Carrie inspired kicks, grab some rad GRC merch and dance with us to some sweet tunes.

Killer sounds, mad fun, and all while supporting a great cause that uses music and the arts to amplify the voices of youth in CLT.

You RSVP to the FB Event here.

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