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PML Welcomes New Staff!

Last month I found myself struggling to figure out where to put students on the schedule. I reached maximum capacity and have filled every single moment of available time with all the things. Then I saw the light. Hire some help!

After searching and interviewing people around Charlotte, we have found some of the best heart centered teachers around.

Meet Barb Machina.

Barb is a guitar, alto sax and vocal instructor with a passion and a knack for teaching beginners of all ages. Picking up her first guitar at the age of 12, she was initially self-taught, and went on to have 3 years of classical guitar education. She currently teaches acoustic, electric, and bass guitar. She's a mother of 2 young kids and... understands.

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Meet Delana Turner.

Delana teaches guitar, uke and other strings. She's also the Administrative Director of Pachyderm Music Lab. Delana has been playing music for 15+ years and loves sharing her love of music with her students. She wants her pupils to experience a joy of music and that keeps her students coming back again and again.

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Meet Mark Crowson.

Mark loves all things drums and teaches a wide variety of styles and skill levels. His practical approach and encouraging teaching style keeps his students coming back again and again. Mark works great with kids of all ages and is a dad to 2 awesome musical kids. He teaches drums on Saturdays.

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Meet Marissa Barrett.

Marissa has been rocking out with the Lady Rockstars since this time last year. She has been learning guitar and drums, and has a strong background in piano. She's been playing for over 18 years and his a playful and fun way about her. Kids love her, adults do too! She's pumped to pass on her passion for music to her students.

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Meet Olivia Conti.

Olivia is Pachyderm's awesome and brilliant piano teacher. She's been playing piano for over 15 years and loves seeing her students shine! One of many of her special talents is an ability to coax students out of their shell and get them to play with confidence. She's a fun teacher with a big heart and an encouraging smile.

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We will be hiring a few more teachers in the in the weeks to come. Pumped to introduce you to our new staff. Thank you for your continued patronage as we grow to support you all.

If you are interested in teaching with us, you can fill out a job application here..


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