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From the Backwoods to the Big City!


In 2016 PML opened it's doors in Indian Trail. A weird old house with a lot of heart. I renovated that space with my 2 year old under foot. Lots of lofty dreams floating above my head for what the space could become.

It was slow to build. I was in a weird location off the beaten path. I often felt defeated, wondered if I was really supposed to be doing this at all.

Over the next couple of years word began to spread, and even though I was hard to get to, more and more people started showing up. Most of them driving all the way from Charlotte, because my offerings are so unique.

At the end of 2018, I was afraid the end of my marriage would be the end of Pachyderm due to the ties the building had to my ex. Ready to let it go so I could model a healthy life for my daughter, I began prepping for the exit... the space did not feel good to me anymore.

Then I got a message about this cute blue house in NoDa.

I didn't know how to swing it by myself.

Girls Rock excitedly wanted to go in on the space with me.

DPR Construction took us on as a pet project and secured over $75,000 worth of donations.

The new house we call Rock on 22nd is almost complete, and it feels really good here.


As soon as I let go and made the steps toward a better life, the universe rose up to meet me. Supported me in ways I couldn't even fathom. So proud of the thing we've built.

We're bringing music and the arts to a place in Charlotte that is rapidly choosing condos over art galleries.

There's accessible programming for low income families with the Girls Rock Amplify Workshops, with curriculum creation being funded by the Charlotte Gay and Lesbian Fund.

The house itself is going to be a standing work of art when local artist Sharon Dowell paints a gorgeous giant mural on the side this October, thanks to the funding of the Arts and Science counsel.

Our daughters, sons, and non-binary youth get to experience a heart felt-safe space with women leaders in our community.

I really hope you will join us for the grand opening event and see the space PML and Girls Rock Charlotte has built. It is absolutely beautiful and rad AF.

Mark your calendar!

September 21st


423 East 22nd Street

Charlotte, NC 28206

Food trucks, interactive workshops, live music.

Can't wait to bring even more music and community-centered projects to Charlotte as Pachyderm Music Lab and as Girls Rock Charlotte.

Thank you so much for your support! We could not have built this without love from the community.

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