Taking the Leap

Sometimes we get a little obsessed with the past and the future. I see it in music a lot. Students will dwell on their past mistakes. They'll also day dream of the future when they are making an album or rocking out with a band on stage. Day to day efforts can subtly shift you where you want to be, though. Sometimes opportunities present themselves in a way you couldn't have even imagined.

Let's say you want to be in a band.

That mindset for a lot of people looks like, "One day maybe I'll be good enough to be in a band." Shift the mindset to be, "I'm ready to f****ing shred hard with some folks." You are still practicing your instrument, maybe more, maybe less. But that focus has shifted from the future, to the present. Suddenly, you learn that a friend plays drums and you never even knew. They always wanted to be in a band too. They also know a singer... The band is formed. It sounds crazy, but I swear this kind of thinking works.

Back in December, I was preparing to give up on the Lab. I didn't want to, but I had to shift my living situation and the only way to completely sever ties with my ex, was to get out of the former location. I wasn't sure what to do, really. I surrendered to the thought of losing everything. Giving in to my present reality, which was "I'm not going to go on living like this." It was within 24 hours of that surrender, that I got a lead on a new location for Pachyderm. A location that I had been dreaming of since the start of Lady Rockstars back in 2014. Once I let go the thing I needed showed up on a silver platter.

Surrendering to the present will take you to the future you were dreaming of. You just have to take the leap.

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