Baby Mosh Pits, Girl Bands, and Social Justice

Via NoDa News:

"What do baby mosh pits, girl bands, and social justice warriors have in common? A spot in little NoDa called Rock on 22nd. It’s a new collaborative space, housing Girls Rock Charlotte and Pachyderm Music Lab at 423 East 22nd Street.

Paul Sires and Ruth Ava Lyons, credited for setting the foundation for the NoDa Arts District, own property on East 22nd Street (located between Amelie’s and Abari Game Bar) and are shaping the new cultural center of NoDa. They have generously welcomed Pachyderm Music Lab and Girls Rock Charlotte into their kick-ass house at 423 East 22nd Street because they believe in the mission to give voices to folks through the arts.

Click here to read the entire article

#babypunk #Rockon22nd #girlsrockcharlotte

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