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Explaining the Unexplainable

Sometimes it's hard for me to explain what the hell Lady Rockstars is.

On the surface, it's a bunch of badass women learning an instrument. Forming a band. Rocking the Ef out.

On the inside, it's becoming emotionally vulnerable with a room full of strangers in the most loving and supportive way. Music is the conduit we use to inspire massive growth and transformation in the minds and spirits of women.

Do you know what happens to your brain on music?


When you are playing music: novice to pro, the brain is completely engaged. No other activity compares to it. All sides of the brain are being connected, new neural pathways being formed. The roadmap in your head grows exponentially and it is the ultimate workout for your brain. It is because of this that music is linked to decreasing dementia and sparking memories in Alzheimer's patients.

Well what happens when you introduce profound ideas, questions, new thought patterns during this critical time of musical learning?

You start to do the things you've been dreaming of, with less resistance and step into the truer version of yourself that you have been scared to embrace.

Music heals.

What happens when you have loving equally vulnerable women around you?

You start to do the thing you've been dreaming of because you are supported and inspired.

Doing Lady Rockstars isn't just joining a band. It's the beginning of bringing forth your dreams.

It sounds intense AF and so over the top, but it's not. I know it's truth because women have been consistently telling me that Lady Rockstars was the catalyst for them to go on to do the thing that they'd been dreaming of doing.

Things like:

  • Taking control of their mental, emotional and physical health

  • Mending/leaving broken relationships

  • Setting boundaries

  • Healing trauma

  • Facing their fears

  • Forging new friendships

  • Creating their own band

Do you want to level up your mind, body and spirit? The door is open. I have a guitar waiting for you.


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