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Basic Pitch

Music is everywhere. Everywhere.

When I woke up this morning the first thing I noticed was a chorus of birds singing sweetly.

My alarm is a song, too.

I remember being a kid hearing my mom's Sunday dress shoes clicking on the kitchen floor and it being one of my favorite sounds. I'd put her heels on so I could make the sound, too.

I'd also mimic the tone of the vacuum cleaner loudly while she was cleaning. I noticed my daughter does the same thing when I vacuum.

Even the most mundane things have a tone.

There's a melodic ding that happens when you leave your keys in your ignition and the door is open.

The BLEEEEP tv stations use to censor curse words is a tone (it's an E).

Stop what you are doing now and notice the sounds around you. Sometimes we take little details for granted.

I have been doing a lot of songwriting lately on my porch and I've noticed that the sounds of nature around me don't distract from the song, they enhance it.

I was reminded by a wise musician recently, what notes play when your alarm goes off? When your seatbelt reminder beeps? When the train passes by and then starts to change pitch. Even if you don't know the names of the pitches, acknowledging the music around you will bring you into the present.

Sometimes I sit and listen to these little sounds and I get the same awe-inducing feeling I get when I'm under a sky full of stars. Sound helps me feel connected and like I'm a part of something big, a grander orchestra.

It's easy to get inspired if you listen <3

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