Growth Comes from Change

My word for the year was: GROW.

And damn... talk about some truth in that. When I was thinking of my word, I was thinking about how I wanted to grow my self care practice while growing my business simultaneously. I forgot that the quickest growth happens when you CHANGE.

This year has been one of the most intense of my life.

I exited a 10 year relationship/marriage.

I moved my home.

I pretty much liquidated my business in Indian Trail to resurrect it in NoDa in a collaborative space.

I moved my business.

I did these things within almost a month of each other.

Meanwhile, I'm fighting to get primary custody of my daughter. An incredible little light that has spent virtually every waking moment with me since she came into this world.

I've spent a lot of time without her (not by choice) since mid February and it has hurt A LOT.

Currently navigating some nasty, worst-case scenario things right now and trying so hard to protect her. Forcing myself to get out of bed to hustle because I don't have a choice. I must make this work.

I like to function in a space of truth. Honesty is very important to me, and if you've ever hung out with me you know that I'm very forward. I say things that maybe some wouldn't. But I always try hard to stay in a place of love and understanding.

I wanted to share this important part of my story with you today because I need my people to know what I've been going through these past few months and understand why I've been a little M.I.A. as far as my social media and posts go.

There's an important court date coming up on Thursday and I ask that you lift my daughter up in your thoughts this week and that whatever happens it is what is in the best interest of her well being. <3

She is so brilliant and I want her to be safe in a way that nourishes her light and doesn't diminish it.

Thank you for reading. What was your word for 2019?

I'd love to hear about it and see if it's played a role in your year so far.

You can become a Patron Sustainer and help Krystle maintain her upward momentum doing the creative work that she is called to do.

Also, sign up for lessons! In the space of newness, I've found 2 new instructors ready to teach. Eric, Olivia, Jenifer, and I are ready to rock!

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