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My name is Lonna. I’m here today to tell you about my love for all things Krystle.

Just a few months after moving to Charlotte, I was asked to write a blog post for Charlotte Parents Kid’s Blog. As a ukulele playing librarian, of course I wrote about 5 Picture Books that Celebrate Music, and an interview with Krystle popped up as related content. I like to think it was fate that brought us together, and I guess that’s possible, but let’s get real. This is one time when computer algorithms got it right. I took a chance and wrote a quick e-mail to Krystle. We instantly connected over a shared history of volunteering for Girls Rock, had a child of the same age, and was passionate about connecting young people to music opportunities. I took a chance! And what has happened since has been amazing.

I found my people. A community of warm, supportive, inspiring women who I have the pleasure to call friends. Krystle welcomed me into her space and life with open arms and I have had so many incredible experiences thanks to her.

1. Women’s Rock Retreat – This is where Krystle and I met IRL for the first time. I was given the opportunity to spend an entire weekend in a gorgeous lake house, eating delicious food, learning how to play the guitar, spending time with amazing women who made me feel more powerful, and at the end of the weekend, played a rock concert at Petra’s. It was an amazing rush!

2. Girls Rock CLT

I volunteered with Girls Rock in Athens, GA once upon a time so I was already familiar with the organization. When I found out that we had one here in Charlotte, I knew I wanted to volunteer with them. I submitted an online application to do a library sponsored Zine 101 workshop. Just spending a half of a day with these amazing girls made so much difference in the way I viewed my job, my social life, and spending my time wisely.

3. Pachyderm Music Lab

My son had his 5th birthday party at a BabyPunk, I am a frequent band member with Lady Rockstars, and I absolutely adore the girl jam nights where we make crafts, enjoy a glass of wine (or three), and enjoy time away from obligations, responsibilities and stress. Everytime I enter the door at Pachyderm Lab, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me. I just feel at home.

So, what can you do to find your people in 2019?

No matter your interests, to find your people you simply must figure out what makes you feel good in this world of crazy and step slightly outside your comfort zone. Take a chance on new folks, and new experiences.

-And of course, if you love all things girls power and music related you should sign-up for the Women’s Rock Retreat in April a 3 day over-night retreat in Charlotte where you write a song with awesome femmes, bond hard, and end it all the fun with a performance. Currently only $250.

No experience required!

There are still a few days left with a discounted price!

Price increase on Women Rock Retreat is happening on January 12th

Go ahead and reserve your spot. They are almost halfway full already!

-Don't forget, you can volunteer with Girls Rock Charlotte which is an incredible organization that uses music to help girls and gender diverse youth use their voice.

-Finally, if nothing else, just show up for a Girl Jam night! The next one is February 2nd at 6pm.


Lonna Vines is a Children's Librarian, Ukulele Storytime Guru, Part of the Girls Rock Charlotte Leadership Team, and a badass rockstar.

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