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Practice Makes Powerful

I started learning bass on my own, before there were YouTube tutorials. I grew up in rural West Virginia where I didn't have easy access to guitar lessons and didn't know anyone who had even been taking them.

Relying heavily on my ear and bass tabs I would find with my dial up internet connection, I would print tabs and put them in a notebook then study them like an archeologist trying to decipher hieroglyphs. There's a lot of guess work on tabs because it's hard to tab out rhythm with the limitations of a computer keyboard.

2003 Senior Yearbook: Krystle & Alex Voted "Most Individualistic"

So me, alone in my room, trying to figure this stuff out... there were a lot of mistakes. I don't know why I thought I would instantly be good. I was good at my flute in marching band. I also had someone to help me there and other flutists to talk to about problematic rhythms and fingerings. Once I was left to my own devices the self talk was pretty awful. I'd hit a wrong note and immediately think. "I SUCK!!!" "I'm never going to get this right." "I'll never be as good as Les Claypool, why do I even try?" Every single mistake I made was met with frustration and anger. I was also a teenager so I'm sure those emotions were amplified a good bit. It all boils down to...


Me and my bff Tiffiny being angsty teens in 2001

That anger and frustration turned into fear and stage fright. I never thought I would be good enough to play in front of people so I didn't for years. It took me being a little tipsy at a party when I was 24 years old to have the courage to mess around on a bass guitar in a social setting. Once I did someone saw me and validated me. He told me I was really good and I could see genuine wonder and excitement on his face as I played songs I printed the tabs out to many years prior. That night was my first jam session.

It just took one person to believe in me and that broke the dam. All the sudden I got really good really fast because I pushed through my fear and started playing with other people.

(Pictured left, playing with my band "Four Piece and a Biscuit in 2010. Mike the guy on drums in the background was my teacher and mentor)

Now I see what it took to be the musician I day- dreamed of being for so long and I'm here to be that catalyst for you.


So quit being an a**hole to yourself.

I've been building people up with my classes for years now because I know what one person's genuine delight and wonderment can do for your self-esteem. I want to do this for even more people, and I can only be so many places at one time, so I created an online course that reenforces these very notions and now I can be with you, whenever you need me.

I can teach ANYONE how to play guitar. Yep. I'm bold enough to make that claim. It's easy, we over complicate a lot of stuff and this doesn't have to be one of them. Not only will you learn how to play guitar, you'll learn how to believe in yourself more. Surrender, grow, be a f***ing badass rockstar. It's only $40 and you will do that thing you've been dreaming of for years.


on the fence? There's a mini class you can get for FREE.

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