Building Something from Nothing

It's been over 3 years since our humble beginnings at Pachyderm. Since then we have served over 500 people and families with our unique programming and music education.

The creation of Lady Rockstars, BabyPUNK, Secret Sound Society, various heart-centered workshops and individual instrument instruction online and in-person as well as with our work with the nonprofit organization Girls Rock Charlotte and local libraries have led to some powerful connections and growth within ourselves and others.

This past year things have definitely kicked it up a notch and they don't seem to be stopping anytime soon. We've welcomed instructors Pamela Collins and Eric Chang to the team and also brought in many community leaders to host our workshops like Amber King Bounds, Amy Jane Williams, Meghan Helms, Emily Powell and many others. Owner Krystle Baller recently did a TEDx Talk and we are all excited to see how this will contribute to community impact.

We're more than a local business. We are providing a community centric space and a creativity hub where people can connect to themselves and others and grow in all aspects of their lives.

Do you want to help us grow and show your support? Krystle Baller could use your help. Please become a monthly contributor!

Different tiers of sponsorship yield different perks. No matter what monetary amount you contribute we are so very thankful.


We promise to continue to work to amplify voices in the community and the world! Please share this. Thank you for your support.

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