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5 Reasons Why Learning a Song Will Change Your Life

Learning a song will put you on the fast track to success in all different aspects of your life. Here's why!

1. Stepping outside of your comfort zone leads to growth, growth leads to happiness.

People that continue to learn throughout their lives feel a sense of self worth and motivation. That sense of purpose leads to a feeling of peace and happiness.

2. Turning up the volume on your instrument will encourage you to speak up more.

I have witnessed women step into their power and rock out on guitar and then be more compelled to speak their mind. Playing an instrument will give you confidence, and confident people don't get pushed around!

3. Learning a song will give you a feeling of connection and community.

There's no better way to get close to a song and feel it than actually learning the music. You'll dig deeper on the emotions and feelings of a song and sharing that you are learning a song, or performing for/with others will give you a sense of connection and amplify your power!

4. You'll feel braver afterward.

It takes ovaries to follow through and learn a song. You'll feel like Wonder Woman after playing a song all the way through. Playing music is a form of meditation and being focused in those few minutes on playing will create clarity in your mind, afterward you will feel released, refreshed and motivated to continue on the path of learning!

5. You will be a great role model for others around you.

Kids and adults need to see other people learning. Encourage others to take part in this musical journey with you. Anyone can play music. Be the person that helps others find their voice. Many times people are told they can't sing, or aren't musical. You can be the light that course corrects that narrative for folks. Lead by example and then take someone's hand. Music will bring us together and give the silent ones a voice.

Are you ready to find your voice? Take my hand and I'll introduce you to guitar. You'll be playing in just 5 minutes. I'd be honored to show you the ropes, my friend! IT'S FREE! Click here to learn "Hand in My Pocket" By Alanis Morissette in just 5 minutes!

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