The Path of Bravery

Recently a friend and badass did the Lady Rockstars program in August and wrote a blog talking about her experience. Just an update, Amy braved the stage last Tuesday and ROCKED with her band Celestia and the Bionic Unicorns!

"While thinking about bravery lately, I realized how my courage journey feels like a reverse bell curve.

As a young person, I was braver. Then as the years passed by > my bravery diminished, only to make an upswing as I kept going.

I've heard others say the same thing. There was a spunky, sassy, “willing to try” young girl who somehow lost her voice and self-determination and faded ~ like a wilted flower. If this has been you >> (or whatever journey you’ve had) know you can find your strong-willed, opinionated, fierce, independent and brave self!

Lest you think I was totally with it as a youngster, I'll remind you that I was so shy in kindergarten I peed in my leotards instead of asking to use the bathroom. It's not like I had it all together. But there was also something pure and willing to speak up for myself ~ like when I asked my Brownie leader for a new mom (I didn't like the sweater my mom made me wear that day)!

No matter what your life pattern has been related to being brave and being you, YOU CAN BE BRAVE NOW!"


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