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Krystle Baller is a TEDx Finalist!

For those of you who aren't familiar, TED is a popular speaking series that stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design.

I was going through my B-School program and had just finished up a section about taking chances. When opportunities present themselves, you have to step up to the plate or they will pass you by and you will stay stuck!

I received an email from a friend notifying me TED auditions were open and that I should just do it. She was aware that I had been dreaming about being a TED speaker for years. I showed her a picture I drew of myself on a TED stage with a headset on, giving an engaging speech a few years back. I didn't really see myself giving a speech this soon in my life though. I wanted to feel more like an expert.

Well, I took the plunge and I submitted an app. Then they asked me to come back and audition! The dates were all conflicting with things I had preplanned and it was a cluster trying to get everything aligned. I think I was almost trying to sabotage myself because I am so scared to do this thing. None of that sabotage worked though because after my initial audition speech, I got asked to come back and be a finalist!!!

The speech that I auditioned with turns out to be barely what my actual speech is going to be (they said it's cool). I've been thinking so hard about what I need to say and the obvious topic kindof hit me in the face. My speech is about using music to give people a voice and help them step into their power (duh)! Of course it's going to be peppered with thoughts of girl power. All my stories are going to be about women I know rising up into their awesome selves because they dared to do something bold.

You can read the interview about my speech here on the TEDxCharlotte website. My speech has evolved a good bit since that interview and I'm sure it will keep evolving until after I'm done with my speaker coaching in September! Fingers crossed I make it past the final cut. I'm honored to have made it this far, though.

Tickets went on sale August 1st and they will sell out. If you want to come out and see some awesome speakers get your tickets now!

Here's 3 of my favorite TED Talks to give you some examples and inspiration!

It's going to be a very inspiring evening! Mark your calendar for October 12th!

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