From Zero to Ukulele Teacher in 30

"For quite some time, and I do mean quite > some > time, I've wanted to learn the ukulele. Here's the deal though: I didn't want to practice. Maybe I liked the IDEA of being a ukulele player more than actually being one. But this idea still hung around, even when I wasn't doing a thing about it.

Then one day my friend Krystle Baller, founder of Pachyderm Music Lab, invited me to be part of Girls Rock Charlotte (GRC). I was super excited. GRC totally aligns with the heart focus of my therapy practice, Amy Williams Wellness, and my creative brand, Wanda Petunia. I was excited to realize we have similar missions of empowering girls and using creative expression as the process...

Krystle connected me with GRC and asked me about teaching the girl campers a Wanda Petunia workshop (listening to your heart and making plushie hearts) and to be a Band Manager. As Band Manager, I would help the girls form a band over the course of a week (future blogs for all the above).

Then she dropped the dream bombshell... would I like to be a ukelele instructor?

Let me insert here: I immensely respect Krystle. She has founded her own

business that also empowers women and girls through music and much more. She's one of the most gifted, get-it-done, and wise women I know... so could she have gone off her rock star rocker with this request? At the time she asked, I knew virtually nothing about the ukulele and had only just started joining her monthly "Stitch and Bitch" ~ where women get together to embroider empowering phrases and write and play songs.

If she was asking me to do this, did it mean she actually believed I could?

I will fast forward to tell you that she did believe I could >>> and drum roll...

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