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Drums and Fun with Eric Chang

I recently sat down with PML's drum instuctor, Eric Chang and learned what he thinks about percussion! Eric loves all things percussion and teaches a wide variety of styles and skill levels. His practical approach and encouraging teaching style keeps his students coming back again and again. He graduated from UNCC with a major in Music Education and teaches drums on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. He'll also be leading our Buckets & Boomwhackers Kids Camp this July!

Krystle: Why do you like to play drums and what drew you to them originally?

Eric: There is such a physical aspect to playing drums that you don't see with other instruments. Just the fact that when you watch a drummer it looks they are having so much fun, moving all around the drumset. Also, the fast and loud sound really drew me in as a kid. It looked like a lot of fun!

Krystle: How long have you been playing?

Eric: I started on saxophone when I was 10 years old, and then moved to percussion when I was 13 or 14. I was in the front ensemble in marching band. Then I moved to drum line, after that concert percussion, and now, the most recent addition, drum set.

Krystle: Can you share a memory you have of a cool moment with a student?

Eric: Sure, I have one from today actually. I haven't seen this student in probably 2 or 3 weeks and this student doesn't even own a drum set, but we were looking at a drum beat we hadn't ever looked at before and somehow after him looking at it for a few seconds and counting it in his head he was actually able to play that drumbeat, first try, just like that. And that's not necessarily because of me, I mean I've showed him some things, but he took the skills that I taught him and applied them himself so he did that all on his own which is really cool because it made me feel like. Oh I actually taught him something, it wasn't just me holding his hand the whole time, he did it on his own.

Krystle: What makes you want to teach drums?

Eric: I want to teach drums because I want to show other people how much fun in general playing music is. The reason I play music is because it's so fun and so fulfilling. There's so many things you can learn by playing an instrument, different skills you can learn that you can apply to different parts of your life. In general drums are complete joy and I get to share the joy I get from playing the instrument.

Eric is currently registering students! We have new slots available for summer. You can register for private lessons here.

Join Eric for a fun half day summer camp in July called:

Bucket Drums & Boomwhackers

Kids ages 8-12 will have a blast making beats in this interactive rhythm camp! They'll work together to learn 3 songs and get creative as they paint their own bucket drums to take home! Kids learn about rhythm, meter, dynamics and some basic notation as they work with boomwhackers, a super fun pool noodle like instrument that makes whacky sounds. This week long half-day camp ends with a show for the parents at Friday pickup. Everyone gets to take home their own (and very personalized) bucket drum with sticks

July 23-27th


You can also meet Eric at Union West Library. He's facilitating a drum circle as part of their Library Rocks programming!

Drum Circle is July 11th from 1:45 to 2:30.

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