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She Says

I'm sure you are familiar with "coincidences". Sometimes events happen that seem almost eerily predetermined. I'm definitely one of those "everything happens for a reason" people. Recently, I took the Clifton Strengths Test as an assignment for B-School and discovered that my #1 strength is "Connectedness". Which was a complete surprise but it makes sense.

"People strong in the Connectedness theme build bridges between people and groups, showing them how to relate to and rely on each other. They help others find meaning in the unpredictability of the world around them, providing a sense of comfort and stability in the face of uncertainty. Putting it simply, their ability to “connect the dots” from the past, present, and future. can give others perspective, guidance, and hope"

I often feel like a detective searching for the next clue and I found a doozy this week.

August 13th of last year I reconnected with Sarah Delia. An awesome person and WFAE (Charlotte's Local NPR Station) Reporter. She did a story on Lady Rockstars back in Feb 2016. After Sarah finished the story I awkwardly asked her to be my friend and she awkwardly accepted. haha. We talked about how it's hard to make new friends as an adult, especially since it takes effort to hang out with people when you aren't in a classroom together for years a time. So a couple years passed and we finally got together for that coffee. We had a conversation that planted seeds for us to work together.

4 Days after talking with her a caterpillar fell out of a tree, into my lap basically, and I put him in an oak tree where he cocooned before my eyes.

It was pretty darn magical to witness something like that and the branch with the cocoon lived in the kitchen window for the past 9 months.

Since my little buddy cocooned, Sarah asked me if I would be interested in doing Soundtrack work for a new podcast she was working on. She really wanted some original music and didn't know who to ask. I told her I had never done anything like that before, but I would definitely try. My husband Jason and I went into the studio and came up with a track. Sarah and her team loved it and we were contracted to score the whole thing. It was a really fun experience. Usually I create music with an end game to play live. In this instance though, it was to create a landscape where an important story can be told. I'm all about that bigger purpose and this is right up my alley, since I'm a very vocal advocate for women's rights.

The story follows a long and winding road a Charlotte woman has traveled to find closure after being sexually assaulted. I believe this story will inspire more people to come forward and press charges against their attackers.

Sarah messaged me last week and said she wanted to give Cadence (my daughter) and me a Monarch butterfly cocoon that someone randomly gifted her. A couple days later the butterfly said "Nope. I'm all yours momma" and emerged at Sarah's house.

This past weekend I went to the Lab to shoot a couple videos for my current Lady Rockstars class and guess what I found... The Moth emerged! I was pleasantly surprised, because I thought he was going to be a Luna Moth, but it turned out to be a Polyphemus Moth (which is in the same family).

My moth and her butterfly emerged on the same day. 4 days after they entered the world completely transformed, the "She Says" podcast launched.

Me and Nancy Drew (Sarah) are still connecting the dots, but one things for certain. This experience is going to be a transformative one.

Another shocking thing happened that reminded me of the magic of the universe, if you want to know message me or ask me about "The Eyes" at the lab and I will explain it to you. It's honestly hard to believe and I'm still wrapping my head around it, so I'm not going to share here... We love a good mystery!

Sometimes it feels like things are more predetermined than we believe possible.