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Sixteen Heartbeats

Six women, Sixteen children. This Lady Rockstars class is particularly badass. Moms slaying the game!

Tonight, Sixteen heartbeats has their final rehearsal before their show at Moochies! They will be going on around 10pm.

When we first got together we discovered within minutes that we had 16 kids between the band (and Krystle) and were pretty proud of our uterine power!

When we talked about our band name, during week 2 showcasing all the cool mom-ness was an obvious choice.

Lady Rockstars had some great conversation as we shared our birth stories. All of us had very different experiences and that's okay. Too often we are told how we are "supposed" to give birth, and how to be moms. There was no mom shame here, just support and love.

Postpartum depression is real and it's a conversation that has come up in many different Lady Rockstars groups. It's important that mom takes care of her too. Our culture is one that has us back to work after 6 weeks. There's so much talk about baby after giving birth, but not a lot of talk about mom healing after her body just did an amazing thing.

We grow humans inside of us. We do other badass shit too... like learn a couple songs on guitar and bass in just 4 weeks time! It's really important that EVERYONE takes time to do things just for their own personal growth. If you are a parent, you will inspire your kids to do the same. It doesn't have to be learning an instrument. It could be taking an improv class, writing in a journal 5 minutes a day, going to yoga, etc.

Being in a band is pretty effing cool though. Hope you'll join us tonight at Moochies for the show! We should have a livestream up as well. I'll share it here.

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