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The Live Music Capital of the World

As many of you know, my husband and I are the lucky finders of Primus's Golden Ticket. This means we get tickets to see Primus (a badass band I classify as redneck funk metal) anywhere in the world for free for the rest of our lives. We are eternally on the guest list (and eternally grateful). Austin is one of their stops on the tour and we decided to pay this Texas town a visit. It did not disappoint!

Austin Tourism at it's finest

Guitar Mixed Media Brian Philips

Dubbed "The Live Music Capital of the World", you can find music references everywhere. As soon as we exited the plane I was bombarded with images of guitars everywhere. It was magical.

Our friends Kristen and Dan were excellent tour guides, they've been living there a long time. We met in Charlotte when they briefly lived here and Kristen volunteered the very first year of Girls Rock Charlotte. Kristen actually helped me start Lady Rockstars and came up with the name. She's currently growing a future rockstar in her belly <3

Friday night we headed to the show at Austin360 and the opening band blew my mind. All Them Witches are a psych/prog rock band from Nashville and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. If you like Tool and Incubus check them out. They are a new favorite.

Mastadon was pretty interesting. I definitely danced a lot. They had great visuals and a eerie, haunting, heavy sound. It's not my typical kind of music, but I definitely enjoyed the live show and the musicianship was high level.

Primus did a small set of some classics (like Blue Collar Tweekers, Too Many Puppies, Sgt. Baker) and then they went into the full Goblin set. If you haven't gotten that new record, do it! It's so good. My daughter loves the Rainbow Goblin book the album is based on and is super pumped about seeing them this Saturday in Charlotte and then again Sunday in Raleigh, NC!!!

I didn't get many photos, but I did take some FB live videos. Oh yeah, and I met an Austin legend, Lizard Man! He's a super nice dude.

Excited to do it again on Saturday! Jason will be going to Atlanta tomorrow and he's pumped.

We got to hang out with Jason's long lost friend, Alan Winter on Saturday. It was great to meet him! I've long been intrigued by his gorgeous artwork. It was really incredible to see his work up close! I'm in love with his Heartwood Hollow Collection. You can browse his work here.

Oddly enough he has a collection of Luna Moth caterpillars he's been taking care of so he can witness their transformation and I happen to have a Luna Moth cocoon at the Lab in the kitchen! We've been waiting to see it emerge, should be any day now! If you are over at the Lab anytime soon, I'll show it to you. I was outside making a pedalboard and it fell out of the tree right in front of me last autumn. I put it back in a maple and it immediately started to cocoon! There's a video of it here.

I'm a total nature geek and one of the most exciting things for me about going to Austin was visiting Lake Travis! There were flowers and butterflies everywhere. gorgeous rocks, beautiful bluish green water and the breeze was constant. We also visited Barton Creek Greenbelt and I wished I had packed my bathing suit. There were places to swim everywhere. I pictured all of Texas as being cacti and desert and boy was a I wrong. Austin is super green. There's gorgeous wildlife all over the place with desert-like plants interwoven into a diverse landscape.

Long story short, visit Austin. You won't regret it!

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