3 Essential Oils to Help Seasonal Allergies

It’s estimated that about 20 million people in America suffer from seasonal allergies. Depending on what part of the country that you live in will determine whether your symptoms flare up in the spring, summer, or fall. I know here in the south it's particularly bad this year! With more & more people looking to natural remedies for all kinds of ailments, it’s no wonder that essential oils are near the top of the list!

My face has been hurting and the following oils are really helping soothe the discomfort. Especially after my sinuses got super dry from running the heat a lot during the cold winter months. We then went full steam ahead into a particularly explosive pollen season this year and it has been rough! Over the counter meds tend to dry me out even more. Going the essential oil route has been wayyyy more gentler on my sinuses!

Here's a few oils that we hope will help ease your seasonal allergies.



Lavender has properties that work as an antihistamine; renowned for its calming and balancing effects. It is an anti-inflammatory so it reduces inflamed sinuses and gives relief.


Peppermint promotes clear breathing and healthy respiratory function by being anti-inflammatory and expectorant. It soothes your sinuses while prompting your body to get any nasty stuff out.


Lemon is cleansing to the body’s systems and frequently used for respiratory discomfort. It is very purifying to the air and known to banish any funky pollen, bacteria, or molecules hanging around!

All of these individual oils cleanse their environment. Add 3 drops to water in a diffuser and use them to clean the air in your home and purge your home of the bad stuff.

The combination of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint essential oils can create a powerful all-natural antihistamine, which cools down inflammation resulting from the body's allergic response. You can make a blend yourself with fractionated coconut oil (or other carrier oil) in a rollerball and apply to the bottoms of your feet.

Hope this helps you combat your seasonal allergies!

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PS: Check out the fun stop motion movie Krystle made above!

As always, thanks so much for reading and your support. Hope to see ya at the Lab!

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