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How a biz coach helped me find my tribe.

It seems like there is this crazy amount of life and business coaches surfacing all over the place. I didn't even know what it was until last year I made a fb post about how I was struggling with my biz and Rachel Sheerin piped up. She kindly reached out and offered a consult. That one meeting completely shifted the way I was thinking about my business.

You might see this beautiful lady's face posted all around my website. That's because she's one of my biggest cheerleaders and not only was a driving force to keep evolving Lady Rockstars, but she planted the seeds for babyPUNK.

We met at Amelie's on a comfy couch and connected immediately. Rachel's enthusiasm is contagious and I got excited telling her exactly what I do. She loves music too. When I told her about my work with Girls Rock Charlotte and my class creation, Lady Rockstars (a 4 week class where I put women in bands and then they have a show), she was completely into it and wanted to sign up off the bat. Rachel began rattling off ideas on how to reach more people. All these brilliant and sometimes simple things that hadn't crossed my mind. Like doing a BoGo deal from time to time to get people to sign up with friends.

Then we started talking about working with kids and she noticed that's when I really started to light up. Despite the fact that I was feeling defeated. I had started a kids music class called Pachy Playtime and I wasn't feeling fulfilled or having much success. I told her that learning all the kid songs was driving me insane. I put all this effort into learning 10 annoying songs for each class and then getting a couple people to show up and being out $$ because I was including crafts too. It wasn't really making sense which sucked because I love babies so much. I was also trying to attract every mom and had brought some people to my space that I wasn't connecting with. She then said, "Why don't you do a baby class that attracts your tribe?" Rachel brought up the Rockabye Baby CDs that were lullaby covers of rock bands. I love those albums and listened to them all the time when Cadence was really tiny. Once the idea was planted the wheels started turning and I got super excited. I came up with the name babyPUNK on the spot and the sparks were lit thanks to Rachel's creative and brilliant brain!

Sometimes you just need an outside perspective. After our first meeting I was hooked. Like I said Rachel has a contagious enthusiasm and we clicked immediately. Not only did she have great ideas, she gave me a framework for the actions I needed to take to bring my biz to the next level. We met for coaching sessions weekly and she started learning guitar from me. Homework where I really dissected my dreams and re-evaluated my life and business goals, was a crucial turning point. Rachel's coaching provided valuable insight that really helped build the foundation of my business.

Everyone needs someone in their lives who isn't afraid to rip the band-aid off and tell you the truth. One session Rachel asked me how much time I was spending on Facebook trying to promote my biz. I told her way to much. She then told me that I should put my energy elsewhere because I sucked at it. That hurt! But it made me take an honest look at how I was engaging my facebook friends and see that she was right. My engagement was pretty much zero. It was that jab that made me determined to get better at Facebook. I came up with daily questions as an effort to establish a real connection with people and do more than just push my personal opinions into the world. I witnessed something magical, friends of mine that don't know each other started kindly engaging with one another and learning. I now smile way more when I check my fb. When I share biz posts these days, people rally around to support me because they know I genuinely care about them and community as a whole. That beautiful thing all stemmed from one painful truth that Rachel was badass enough to tell me.

When I met Rachel I felt pretty alone and was questioning my ability to build my own business. After meeting her I went on to attract a whole bunch of cool people my way who are supporting Pachyderm and are the members of a community I've been dreaming of for years. If you need to kickstart your biz or your life, are just in a rut, and are looking to reignite that fire in your belly you should get a coach! There is definitely not a shortage of them, but I know one particular super awesome one. I hope this was helpful to you! If it was, please share it with anyone you think may find it helpful as well. Thanks so much for reading!

You can learn more about Rachel Sheerin Here >>

Have you ever used a life or biz coach? What did you think? Let me know how it impacted your life/biz below.

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