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How to Throat Punch Insecurity

I'm an expert lady band maker. It's an odd skill, but it is my own. Sometimes I have trouble claiming it. It's so weird... because it's obviously something I excel at.

The Deadly Blooms WRR Band

You ever have those moments where you feel a bit like a fraud? I find myself thinking things like, "Who am I to teach people to rock? I've only been in a handful of bands. There's lots of musicians out there who are better than me."

Pre-Show Shenanigans

My main squeeze is getting people to believe in themselves when their gut instinct tells them they suck or they can't. I start to feel insecure sometimes though because that voice talks to me as well. "Am I really qualified to do what I do?" These seeds of self doubt in me start to sprout and get choked back when I teach a class or lead a camp.

1. Surround yourself with supportive and inspiring people.

The moment I see all that same fear in others, a switch flips. I get brave and fiery because I know they are all fully capable. It inspires me to follow suit. I'm honored to instigate all of these magical people into rising the hell up. The process of fueling others fires fuels my own and inspires me to do what I'm called to do, regardless of what the voices of inadequacy in my head say.

Kelly Finley, GRC founder and monumental rockstar hamming it up with volunteer and key player, Savanna Baxter.

2. Take action, anyway.

Something I've been planning (with the help of badass friends) finally came into fruition this weekend and my heart and soul is so filled. The Women Rock Retreat was the first of it's kind and once we kicked it off, it felt completely easy and natural to me. My friends are telling me that I did a great job (and I'll own that) it just feels odd because once everyone arrived it didn't feel like I was working at all. People are completely capable of doing whatever they want to do. I just hand them the keys and offer a few words of encouragement then, off they go. It was a beautiful journey with old and new friends and I have so much gratitude to be the captain of the ship.

2018 Women Rock Charlotte Bands: The Deadly Blooms, Ocean Shambles, and The Freeze Frames!

2. Maintain a state of humble gratitude for the experiences ahead.

One of the most badass things... I GET TO DO IT AGAIN TONIGHT with Sabertooth Jones & the Hotboxes!!! The March Lady Rockstars class graduates this evening. We're going to do a dress rehearsal and some kick ass activities to throat punch insecurity before we walk out the door of Pachyderm to go perform at Moochies. They should go on sometime between 9:30 and 10:30.

Sabertooth Jones & the Hotboxes

Throat punch insecurity into silence by taking action, finding a supportive group of people, and operating in a state of humble gratitude for the experience.

Thanks for being a part of my life, friends. Stars shine brighter in a cluster. If you feel drawn to be part of my crew, My doors and heart are open.

I invite you to check out the amazing things that Girls Rock Charlotte has coming up, get involved then come to one of the upcoming events at Pachyderm. April Lady Rockstars begins next Tuesday and I'm looking for 2 more people! Thanks for reading! I hope you know that if you take a leap, you'll fly.

Girls Rock Charlotte's 2018 House Band, "The Bad Queens".

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