6 Charlotte moms making a difference while raising the next generation

NBC Charlotte tapped PML owner, Krystle Baller as a Charlotte mom making a difference while raising the next generation.  On a list with some real Charlotte badasses, like Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles.

2. Vi Lyles

Along with being a grandmother herself, Vi Lyles could be considered the Queen City's current "mother." Charlotte's 59th mayor was sworn in December 2016 and is the first African American woman to occupy the post in the city's history.

Lyles has said her proudest accomplishment is being a mother. She has two children, 36-year-old Kwame and 34-year-old Aisha, and is a grandmother to Aryah and Hailey.

Mayor Lyles grew up in the south, and graduated from Queens University. Along with dedicating her life to raising her children, Lyles has continued to dedicate herself to the service of the city. She continues to be a beacon of strength for women in the Charlotte area.

"We want to promote a safe and productive environment for women," Lyles said during a speech at the Women's March. She also gained admiration after winning the mayoral election without going negative with her campaign.

3. Krystle Baller

Forget twinkle, twinkle little star! Charlotte music teacher, former rocker, entrepreneur, and mother Krystle Baller is instilling some serious music knowledge in the next generation.  Baller is the owner of Pachyderm Music Lab which provides music lessons, group classes, kids camps, and workshops to kids and adults like. One of her classes, aptly titled "Baby Punk" is a children's music class that highlights different bands each week. Prior classes have featured Nirvana, Bob Marley, White Stripes, The Beatles, Weezer, Sublime and more. It's all a part of Baller's effort to instill a sense of self into the children, as well as have their parents enjoy the classes a bit more (and don't worry - Baller replaces a kazoo with lyrics)."It's okay to be themselves because you can be loud. There's no sit still, pay attention, it's not that kind of classroom. I'm encouraging them to be free," Baller said. "To be themselves. There's no normal... being weird is normal. It's okay to have fun and let your freak flag fly."

Baller also brings these beliefs to Girls Rock Charlotte and Lady Rock Stars.

She serves as Girls Rock Charlotte's Music Director. The non-profit is dedicated to empowering girls ages 10 to 16 and gender diverse youth through musical education and finding their confidence through using their voice. Meanwhile, Lady Rock Stars is a group that meets up multiple times a month to help empower women musical groups.


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