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Why I Believe In Girl Power

You may have noticed, we do a lot of stuff that caters to women and children. Don't get it twisted. Guys are awesome too, but the women need some love.

You see I am driven to inspire and create gender equality.

Little bit about me:

I grew up being what one would call a "Tomboy". Not that I played a lot of sports, really. I just placed myself in a very masculine role. I've always marched to the beat of my own drum and in order to get my ideas across and be heard, I learned rather quickly that I needed to come at things from a more dominating frame of mind. This definitely helped me assert myself, but still just being a woman will you only get heard half of the time.

1992 Half Man Half Woman Costume

Me circa 1992. My freakin' halloween costume was a gender stereotype. Note how the man pose is a strong one and the girl pose is sick of the BS.

Just like every other woman I've experienced blatant sexism. A good example is one of the bands I was in, I started with my husband. All other members were guys and so many times I found my ideas to be overlooked, ignored, and the actual sounds coming from me being completely disregarded. Creatively I was a ghost. I would say something, my husband would repeat the exact same thing and they would respond to him, making things out to be his idea. I don't think they were all really bad dudes. There is just some creepy programming that happens in our society that wires boys to disregard girls. My place in the band often ended up being a commodity rather than a creative mind and legitimate musician.

I didn't get all reflective and really dissect what was happening until I had my daughter and was thinking, "Oh no! She's a girl and she's going to have to work twice as hard to be heard." The wheels started turning and as a concerned mother you can't just sit back and do nothing.

Cadence being cute with a ukulele

My intelligent and magical daughter, Cadence, being her awesome self. She's 4 now.

As the realization of years of sexism washed over me, I got super pissed at the unfairness of it all and happened to come across this nonprofit Girls Rock Charlotte. This was in 2014. Cadence was only 5 months old. They were in their first year and hadn't yet done any programming yet. I loved what they were about, using music to amplify confidence in girls and gender non-conforming youth by teaching them how to use their voice to stand up for themselves and others. PERFECT.

You know when you shift your mindset and you start looking for solutions to even the hardest problems (like generations of children being groomed to fulfill gender stereotypes) the solution will then punch you right in the face.

Krystle at the Charlotte Women's March 2018

Me representin' at the Charlotte Women's March in Jan 2018 with my Girls Rock Charlotte crew.

I believe it's really important for me to continue to assert myself, in my own quirky and compassionate way. I've created this completely new occupation for myself and enthusiastically accept that my role in life is to show girls and boys that women can rock just as hard as the men. Also that people can use music to heal the world. I'm fulfilling a role that is outside of the norm and I wouldn't have it any other way! What problems do you want to solve? What is your big question? Ask it below to throw it out there into the universe and see what happens! You may be surprised how quickly solutions appear. Come visit me and tell me in person how it all pans out. I'm always game for a good story. Maybe my weirdly wired brain will help you come up with a creative solution.<3


Krystle Baller

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