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Krystle got a Scholarship to B-School!!!

You ever make a decision to change your life and it changed your life in ways you didn't even think were possible?

At the beginning of last year I was working hard, trying to build up my business and I was very proud of what I had accomplished so far. On a personal level though I wasn't doing too hot.

I had trouble losing the baby weight after my pregnancy and had not been taking care of my body. I was eating out a lot and spent too much time in a chair on my computer or teaching music. In March I finally felt motivated enough to do something so I got a membership to a gym down the street from the Lab and started going there, taking Cadence (my 3 year old at the time) there with me 4 days a week.

I figured while I was re-shaping my body, I'd focus on shaping my business, too. I went down the YouTube rabbit hole looking for help while sweating on the treadmill. I quickly found this knowledge goddess, Marie Forleo. She was interviewing all these badass authors like some of my faves, Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown.

I started getting lots of great insight from her videos and am still very drawn to her realness. She's goofy, passionate, and philanthropic. All qualities I'm particularly drawn to.

She has this thing called B-School which is like a crash course in business for entrepreneurs. You can only enroll once a year. The school is 2k, which is a big chunk of money for me at this point in my life. She does offer scholarships, though and I definitely had to try! I made a video (actually I made about 50 videos and finally settled on this one. lol). I obsessed over getting into this school. Visualized it. Stalked her website like a total creeper. When you see the testimonials on how this program has changed people's lives it's so inspiring! Well... MARIE AWARDED ME A FREAKIN' SCHOLARSHIP!!!! You can see my video application here:

I am 1 out of 18 selected out of 1100 applications!!! WHHHAAAATTTT?!?!?!

You can see the official scholarship winners here! I'm honored and humbled to be on a list with so many amazing folks.

"Krystle Baller is a baller! This badass uses music to teach girls and gender non-conformists to stand up for themselves. She opened a brick and mortar in Charlotte and even — wait for it — started a punk program for kids, complete with baby mosh pits and temporary tattoos."

What does this mean for YOU?


Stay tuned and go ahead and get on my email list if you haven't because this shiz is about to get super fun and consistent as hell.


Much love to you, friends!


PS: I'm still working out and putting knowledge in my brain. I feel so great! Shoot me a message or comment on my YouTube vid and tell me about a time you made the decision to change your life. How'd that pan out for ya? I'd love to hear your stories!!!

B-School with Marie Forleo

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