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Increase Your Vibration and Become Your Highest Self.

Vibrations are all around us. From the vocal howl of your cat asking for food in the morning (and every other time of the day), the frequencies that your wi-fi waves resonate at to provide the signal for which you are reading this very article, or the atoms in your body that pulse at specific frequencies. You are a vibrational entity just as every other thing in this 3 dimensional existence. Let’s use science and spirit to understand how to raise ones frequency and use this heightened state to elevate and heal others.

Every thing in the universe radiates it’s own natural frequency. You, your favorite blanket, a rock, a tree, a flea. The object in question doesn’t have to be a living, breathing thing. Scientists can detect the vibrations of things after filling them with various types of energy and then seeing how they react by using a spectrum analyzer. Basically, everything has it’s own resonance.

I was first introduced to vibrational healing when becoming interested in geology at a young age. Different kinds of stones have different properties. If you hold an onyx in one hand and a rose quartz in the other, you can feel different vibrational pulses flowing into either hand. There are few different factors that contribute to the different “feeling” one being the molecular makeup of each kind of stone and the other being the mass and cut of the object.

While looking for research that has been done on vibrations, I came across this nifty thing called a Chladni Plate. Basically it’s a metal plate with sand on it that's mounted to a raw speaker cone. You play different pitches through the speaker and watch patterns change in the sand. I have read a great deal of material on 440hz vs 432hz, a controversial subject which is built around an opinion that objects in our world vibrate in a more harmonious way at 432hz instead of 440hz (which is the standard tuning). In my research on the subject I have not found one concrete piece of evidence that convinced me 432hz is the way to go (if you are reading this and can provide me with evidence backed up by scientific data, I welcome it! Please email me.) I wanted to build a Chladni Plate and see if the 432hz tones would make more geometrical shapes than 440hz. I realized before I even built one though, that the tones that would present more beautiful patterns would be completely dependent on the mass of the metal plate. Each object has it’s own resonance so different plates would have different harmonics. In the realization that I couldn’t figure out the 432hz answer, I found another one. Different people, different harmonics AKA what frequencies heal me, might not heal you. There might be a very specific reason why Tammy listens to Lady Gaga when she needs to recenter herself and why Jackie cranks some Megadeath.

Now while a part of me nerds out real hard on all of the technical aspects of vibration, another part of me nerds out real hard on the spiritual aspects of vibration. I can’t provide you with concrete facts on the spirit side of things, all of the following knowledge is based on intuition and personal experience.

When you are being bombarded with negativity you are operating at a lower vibration. In order to be at your highest self, you need to raise your frequency. To elevate your frequency you can:

  • Listen to or make music that makes you feel good.

  • Laugh often and don't judge others.

  • Hang out with high vibe people.

  • Stop negative thoughts with meditation and then try to focus on positivity.

  • Create a gratitude journal to help internalize your joy and love.

  • Submerge yourself in water to entrain yourself to it’s frequency.

  • Eat foods that agree with you and make you feel energetic.

  • Work out in a fun way by doing something you enjoy.

  • Create art and whatever form that resonates with you in a genuine way.

  • Read books, watch movies, that impact your life in a positive way.

  • Volunteer with local organizations that help make your community a better place.

Utimately it would be pretty badass if you lived at a high vibrational level and you raised the vibration of everyone around you just by existing in a close vicinity.

Those suggestions are just a few of the things you can do to raise your vibration. If you have any other suggestions shoot me a message and I’d be happy to add them to the list!


The biggest thing to do to raise your vibration is to make sure the thoughts you have are coming from a place of healing, helping, empathy and love. This can be really hard to do and is definitely one of the most challenging things to overcome if you are already living in a constant place of fear, negativity, and self- doubt. Instead of trying to completely change your frame of mind, try first to stop it by meditating and letting any thoughts, positive or negative float away. Once you come out of this meditative state, try to come at things from a perspective of love. You will have negative thoughts, but don’t resent yourself for it. Let the thoughts pass and replace them with thoughts of love. In time your thought habits will come from a high vibe place on an instinctual level. When playing music I often refer to muscle memory. It’s this cool thing that happens after you practice for a while, your hands just go to the chord or note shapes on your instrument and you don’t have to think about it anymore. Refocusing your thoughts to love on a constant basis will give your brain the muscle memory it needs to live in a constant state of love and positivity.


If you live in a constant high vibrational state you start to be in flow with the universe. Once that happens life gets easier. The Universe, God, Goddess, or whatever you call the higher energy in all things, leaves you a trail of breadcrumbs to follow to be the best possible version of yourself. <3

I did all this prep for an upcoming Vibrational Healing Workshop. It’s going to be 90 minutes of discussion, experiments, and meditation that will leave us all in a high vibrational frequency. I’d love it if you’d join us! Please email me with any feedback, experiences you have had, or questions about the workshop. You can also click here to register!

Much love and high vibes to you!


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