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Exposure: 77 Hours of Creative Flow

I witnessed something magical last week. Creation in its rawest form. Esperanza Spalding made the bold move of livestreaming the creation of her Exposure album. In 77 hours she turned a blank page into 10 absolutely breathtaking tracks. I knew it was going to be this awesome musical learning experience, but it became way more than that. Not just to me, but to thousands of people. Over that 3 day period we shared this raw creation experience together and there was nothing but love, support and people coming together to be in awe of other-worldly creation. Esperanza only made 7,777 copies available (which sold out) of her album so the people taking part of the experience are the few that get to take it home with them. I suspect, however, that you will be able to hear her perform some of these tracks live on her upcoming tour dates.

This process and experience was groundbreaking on so many levels. Esperanza is the first musician to completely open the very private process of creating a studio recorded album to the public, unveiling the creative process from root to flower. I almost want to use the word demystifying, but even though I witnessed the entire process there is still something so mystical about it. Like a higher energy was using her as a conduit to breathe life into these songs. I'm typically not an overly emotional person, but these tracks brought tears to my eyes again and again. The fact that this powerful energy, intelligence and creativity was coming from a woman of color is so inspiring in itself. Thousands of people of all races and creeds rallying in support and respect of black woman in the face of all of the division that we currently endure in this world is a hopeful sentiment.

A Facebook group was formed for the people that experienced the Exposure feed and now my Facebook has filled with positivity, art, and love. Everyone is creating, sharing, and coming together. Lots of high vibes and I hope this warm energy I have swirling around my heart stays there for a long time and will get reignited everytime I put my record on. If you didn't experience it, I'm not sure you'll fully understand, but you can see a few clips of the live stream online to get a taste.

Thank you Esperanza for being a postive force in this world and bringing light and inspiration into our lives!