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5 Reasons Why Mom Should Be In A Band

Let's face it, Mom ROCKS. Here are some reasons why she should grab an axe, a mic or some sticks and actually rock out.

1. Moms need an outlet.

She spends so much of her time and energy taking care of others. Sometimes mom needs a space where she is free to create whatever she wants. A space that is just for her. Music allows people to really let go of stress and be their truest selves.

2. Moms have dreams too.

Before she brought a baby into the world, she was a woman with her own dreams and goals. Those dreams did not end when she became a mom, but often her dreams were pushed to the wayside to make room for her precious children and their dreams. Sometimes mom dreams of melting faces on guitar as a crowd shouts her name.

3. Moms don't take any shit. When provoked Momma bear will protect her cubs. She'll flip into attack mode in an instant. For example: one time I had a wasp fly near my infant child and all I had in my hand was a coat hanger. I went into ninja mode and swatted that beast to the ground and stomped it, killing it instantly. Mom also won't take shit from her kids in an effort to turn them into amazing human beings. In her way, mom is super PUNK ROCK.

4. They're great at multi-tasking.

No one else can do the dishes, help with homework, make dinner, and post a photo of her kid being cute all at once without batting an eye. Band members should be great at multi-tasking. They can play guitar and sing, groove on the bass while dancing, or belt out a scream while power sliding across the stage on their knees.

5. Moms need friends.

Adulting is hard and it's nice to chat with people who understand the struggles. It's also great to laugh and build friendships while rocking out. Performing on stage with a group of people really brings them all together and a band becomes a support network of cool people!

Conclusion: MOM ROCKS! She's a straight up badass. She's selfless and compassionate yet also a fierce warrior. Being in a band helps her fulfill needs that she may have forgotten she had, she must show the world she's a badass that can do anything, like join a band and in just 4 weeks have a kick ass concert to show off her skills.

Mom, now is your time to actualize your badassery. Lady Rockstars is registering for June, July and August! You already are a rockstar. Time to show it!

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