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Songwriting Circle

I'm on a mission to bring people together. In a world so connected yet disconnected a lot of us are missing out on having actual genuine human interaction. Those real moments are the things that art is born out of. I'm looking for people, real people that want to have a conversation and want to share their stories. I'm not looking for perfection, the truly beautiful things are flawed.

I was going about a pretty normal day and a light bulb shot out of my skull. Book lovers have book clubs, do songwriters have song clubs? Witnessing songs in their rawest state and hearing the stories behind them is something I'd like to dig into, I bet others would as well. Sometimes musicians can get caught up so much in their own thing, that they don't make time to do the thing that got them into music in the first place... listen.

We easily forget that music is also the space between the notes. I'm definitely guilty of it and I'm out to change that about myself and make some friends along the way. Let's have a songwriting circle. We'll meet once a month and share a piece of ourselves with each other. Leave your judgement at the door, bring your love, support, and helpful insights. These circles will make us better songwriters, listeners, and will help us train our minds to see the beauty in everything. Come out and share your story! No Charge, No Gimmick.

First one is Wednesday May 17th from 7pm to 8:30pm


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