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What's with the weird name?

If you haven't asked me yet, I'm sure you are wondering. What is with the name? Maybe you don't even know how to say it. I intend to clear all that up for you with nothing better than... A LIST!

1. The Literal Meaning


noun | pachy·derm | \ˈpa-ki-ˌdərm\

Pachyderms are mammals with thick skin and hooves such as an elephant, hippopotamus, or rhinoceros. Not only are these animals very unique in nature, they are powerful, and resilient creatures as well. Mimicking these traits will keep our doors open for many years to come.

2. We're Weird

We're unconventional from our looks, to our teaching methods. We're doing things that aren't being done anywhere else. It's to be expected that our name doesn't follow suit.


In addition to the aforementioned traits, Elephants are considered lucky by many cultures. Our third and biggest reason we named the Lab, Pachyderm, is because we won a contest against crazy odds. Primus, a favorite band of ours, redid the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory soundtrack. In the spirit of the movie, they pressed 5 golden vinyl records and WE FOUND ONE at a show in Charlotte! NOW WE GET FREE TICKETS TO ANY PRIMUS SHOW ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES! We named the lab Pachyderm in homage to their melodic bass-ridden song, Southbound Pachyderm.

Now you know the truth behind the Pachyderm. I hope it becomes a frequently used word in your vocabulary. At the very least you learned something just now. See you are learning already and you aren't even inside the building! Just imagine what will happen when you show up!

Book a lesson with us now or register for our workshops and classes to witness for yourself the magic that makes us unique!

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