How I became a Lady Rockstar (and you can too)

Three years ago, I was fresh off the first Lady Rockstars group guitar and bass class and prepping for the next one.

The first try was beautiful chaos. We found a makeshift home in Cube NoDa, an art collective that has since become an aerial yoga space.

Before people were in there contorting their bodies, we were, stretching our hands into formidable chord shapes and shredding our guitars.

Donna Scott works on her chords at the first Lady Rockstars class in Cube NoDa

We brought bottles of wine to relax. Learning guitar isn’t easy, but it's a lot easier when you’re doing it with a group of supportive and non-judgmental people. A bunch of women learning, venting, laughing and creating together.

It was messy and loud and beautiful.

Donna Scott works on her chords at the first Lady Rockstars

class in Cube NoDa.

We didn’t have anything extra since it was a idea we worked through along the way. Our music stands were pieces of paper taped to the backs of folding chairs. The idea of having a group guitar class for women presented itself after we finished a very successful first year of Girls Rock Camp and were all still buzzing from that experience.

We saw music reveal in girls raw power and build glorious friendships. We became true believers in the power of music.

A general consensus among Girls Rock volunteers is that we all wished we had something like that when we were young and would wonder how it would have changed our lives if we did.

The first group of Lady Rockers and Girls Rock Charlotte Alumni. (Pictured from left to right) Brit Swider, Donna Scott, Kelly Finley, and Shannon Bauerle.

“Why does it just have to just be for young girls? Let’s do it now, for all of us.”

(Kristin Hall-Borrelli (left) and Krystle "Baller" Sauls (right)

at the first Girls Rock Charlotte summer camp in 2014.

So I jumped off a cliff, with a bass guitar and a parachute full of fermented grapes. I was going to create a space just for women to find their voice. Women that maybe have neglected a part of themselves for too long and believe it’s time to nurture an undiscovered part of themselves and give back.

Which instrument have you always wanted to play?

Shoot me an email with your answers. I’d love to hear from you.

Much love, Krystle


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