Why Pachyderm?

Emo 90s Krystle.

Well it's a pretty cool story. Back in the 90s, I discovered the band Primus. The bass player and front man of the group, Les Claypool, does really innovative and peculiar things with the bass guitar. It was due to this, in part, that I picked up the bass (see me as a teen, on the right, in all my angsty glory).

Our precious record.

Fast forward to January of 2016. Jason (my husband) and I went to go see Primus and Tool playing at Bojangles' Coliseum in Charlotte, NC. We collect vinyl records and decided it would be a good idea to purchase the "Primus and the Chocolate Factory" record at the show. Primus redid the entire soundtrack and in the spirit of the story, they pressed 5 golden records. All of the others are chocolate brown. We had no expectation of finding it. This record was just going to be a memento from a really great show, but it was golden!

Our golden record was even more special because someone mucked it up and didn't put a foil ticket inside ours. We were really confused for a week, but thanks to the internet we figured it all out!

Now we have free tickets to any Primus show, anywhere in the world, for the rest of our lives!!!

Southbound Pachyderm is one of my favorite Primus songs. It's the first one I learned to play on bass and also was performed live at the concert we found the record at.

Through a series of fortunate events Pachyderm Music Lab went from dream to reality. We hope to be as strong and resilient as the pachyderms.

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