• Lady Rockstars Magic Box

    Lady Rockstars Magic Box
    Magical things will happen when you open this box and examine its contents. You'll be transformed into a Rockstar! Time to stop dreaming about playing guitar and start doing it.  

    Every Box includes:
    -Guitar Strap
    -Guitar Pick
    -Admission to 1 Lady Rockstars Online Class

    -Guitar Goddess 101 Zine

    -Limited edition Stickers and pins

    -Star shaped stress ball

    There will be more items in your box. Magical ones. What could they be? Every box will be completely unique, but each will be very powerful. What will you receive? It's a mystery wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a guitar strap.  

    Open the box. Embrace your inner rockstar. Step into your power.


    These classes are for women 18+ because there's some adult language.


    Don't forget if you order the season pass then you get access to all the classes for 1 year in addition to the magic box.

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