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    Dear PML Friends and Family,


    We need spaces that are havens to our creative souls, that encourage us to reach beyond the limits.  I'm proud to say that PML has accomplished creating such a space. There’s another organization dear to my heart that creates spaces like that, too, without even having a home.  Until now.


    I took my first steps in creating Lady Rockstars in a NoDa warehouse after witnessing how cultivating musical talent in youth, through my work with Girls Rock Charlotte, helped empower them to experience new levels of self-confidence and personal expression.


    We can help adult women shed years of inhibition and become comfortable with creating through music education. This process inevitably leads to healing common feelings of inadequacy by encouraging women to rediscover themselves.


    The idea was catapulted into the public arena by opening Pachyderm Music Lab in Indian Trail in 2016.  Ever seeking connections and staying true to my mantra “make genuine sounds & create meaningful things”, My journey has brought me full-circle back to NoDa and a collaboration with Girls Rock Charlotte.


    The Lab is moving to "Rock on 22nd" a house that we're sharing with Girls Rock Charlotte on 423 East 22nd Street in May (woohoo)!


    I need some help turning dreams into reality, not only for myself, but for the many families I will help with Lady Rockstars, babyPUNK, workshops and music lessons. There's no doubt this move is the right decision. I've served over 250 families in the past 3 years in Indian Trail and I know I can hit that number in just one year at the new space in NoDa. But currently floating rent in 2 spaces while dealing with moving expenses is a lot!


    If you are able to support me, please mail a check to Pachyderm Music Lab or pay me here.


    Are you good at drumming up donations (ba dum tsst) or work for a company that might want to give? Have you mistakenly Marie Kondo-ed your favorite furniture? I'm selling a lot of stuff, too. Please reach out! Your support means the world to me. Thank you for showing up, sharing and be a part of the PML family. If you want to learn more about my mission, check out my TEDx talk titled "Women Turn Up the Volume".


    Warmest Regards,


    Krystle Baller

    Pachyderm Music Lab, Owner

    Girls Rock Charlotte, Music & Volunteer Director

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