Music Lessons

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What We Teach

Learn Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Drums, Piano, Voice, or Songwriting. Learn theory, songs, and/or multiple instruments!

When We Teach

To limit the spread of Covid 19 and keep the amount of people in our space to a minimum, our teachers teach on designated days.


Times vary upon their availability.


Online lessons are of course more flexible. 

Who We Teach

Music Lessons are suitable for folks of school-age learning or older! Our youngest student is 5 and we teach adults as well.

Why We Teach

Music is a language we want to share!


Learning music builds confidence and gives us skills that transcend it's practical uses. By teaching music, we honor our own musical journeys and positively impact the community around us.

Where We Teach

Your lessons can be done in-person at our Music School, Rock on 22nd or online. We take Covid-19 seriously and maintain a clean environment for our students and staff.

How We Teach

Each teacher has their own teaching style. No matter who you go with, you will learn how to play music and understand basic concepts of music theory and techniques!


Contact us and we will put you with a teacher that best aligns with your musical goals

Celeste, Krystle, & Olivia
Marissa, Krystle, & Mitch
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