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Secret Sound Society

A band aid for teens.


Part of teaching private lessons is setting goals and I ask all my students "what do do want to do with your music skills?"  "Would you eventually want to be in a band?"  All of them do but don't know how to start.  The most important thing I ever learned as a musician is to play with as many people as possible. It not only makes you a better player, but it has a far reaching impact as it helps you better connect with others.  A problem I'm seeing is a lot of teens don't know who to play with.  Music has become pretty digitized over the past decade and an interest in analog instruments has declined which has led to this debacle.  I offer a solution. 


I want to give teens a supportive place to play and learn.  My teaching style is not a rigid one, I find that that more fun kids have learning and the more control I give them on what they learn, the more inclined they are to stay interested in music and learn how to work in groups in the process.  The goal for Secret Sound Society is to educate teens on how to facilitate a band practice, and if they stay interested I hope the kids will go on to start their own bands.  I can only offer this to a small number of teens at the moment so it's currently our little secret.

This doesn't require any formal music training, but I do need the youth to have their own instruments they can practice on at home.  I have some gear available for rent if you need. 

We'll play covers in addition to writing our own songs and the teens will perform at our quarterly concerts on the backyard stage!



It's only $100 a month for students that are currently enrolled in private lessons.  We meet every other Friday from 5:00 to 6:30.

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