Learn Guitar

and have fun doing it.

Lady Rockstars is the coolest way women and non-binary folks can learn guitar.  You don't have to know a thing to get started.  LR is for complete beginners!  There are things along the way to challenge an intermediate player, too (like solos and  more advanced chords.) 

Each course includes:

  • step by step video instruction

  • fun and easy to read pdfs

  • self-reflection rituals to tap into your inner badass

  • 30 day money back guarantee

Meet Krystle Baller, the feminist punk rock guru here to help you release your shit.

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Online Guitar Classes for Women

Good As Hell

by Lizzo

A song about getting rid of the bullshit and focusing on you

Learn 3 Chords, Strumming, Vocals, and then rid yourself of the bullshit.


Featured Song

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"Krystle is fun, reliable, creative and compassionate.  She can teach AND inspire.  She's encouraging, patient and fun, a natural teacher.  Her sense of humor is great.  She has a way of saying things that most others can't."

-Kelly Finley,

Senior Lecturer at UNCC &

Founder of Girls Rock Charlotte

"I signed up for the first month Lady Rockstars launched and it was during a hurricane. I was stuck inside all weekend and I had my coffee, guitar, and Krystle’s online lessons to work on. It’s so fun and easy to do. Krystle is just one message away if you have any questions. She’s doing something really great in the world and you’ll want to be a part of it!"

-Meghan Helms

Owner, Inner Spirit Healing

The Magic Box


Start your Online Class with a bang!  You'll get a sweet box delivered to your home with all kinds of rockin' goodies.

  • 1 online class (see below)

  • Sticker

  • Buttons

  • Guitar Strap

  • Mystery thing (it's magical)

  • Squishy star

  • Guitar pick

  • Guitar goddess Zine (NSFW) with everything you need to know about starting to slay the guitar game.

  • Spell book with self-Reflection rituals help you tap into your power and benefit all parts of your life.

  • Online community to support, encourage and motivate.

"One of Krystle's best attributes is her ability to draw out confidence in others to do things they never thought they could."

-Melissa Peterman,

Elementary School Principal

"The Magic Box rocks! I love mine so much, and it’s better than I imagined. There are so many inspiring, unique, and fun treasures inside! Every woman needs this!"

-Amy J Williams, MA LPC

Owner of Amy Williams Wellness &

Founder of Wanda Petunia

Single Online Class


Get everything you need to learn one song.

  • 4 week program but you can go at your own pace.

  • Learn Guitar Technique​​

    • 2-5 Chords​

    • Strumming

    • Transitions

    • Solos

    • Singing and Playing

  • For complete beginner to intermediate players.​

  • Discover the best way to practice.

  • Unlock videos to help you learn.

  • Download PDFs with all the knowledge you need to rock.

  • Self-Reflection rituals help you tap into your power and benefit all parts of your life.

  • Online community to support, encourage and motivate.

"If you have ever been interested in playing music, well this is your chance! Support a small business that dedicates itself to making a positive difference in our world and learn a new hobby at the same time!"

-Lonna Vines,

Children's Librarian &

Ukulele Storytime Guru

"Krystle get's sh*t done.  She doesn't just daydream, wish, hope, plan... she makes it happen.  She executes.  She delivers.  She produces.  And she works hard at it.  It's not luck"

-Lois Kilkka


Season Pass


Stay on your rockstar path by learning a new song every month!  You'll get access to all of the Lady Rockstars online classes for a whole year!  It comes with all the online goodies like the pdfs and videos, and you'll also get a magic box sent to your home!  This deal is killer!

  • 1 year of classes

  • The Magic Box delivered to your door.

  • Learn Guitar Technique​​

    • Many Chords​

    • Different Strumming patterns

    • Transitions

    • Solos

    • Singing and Playing

  • For complete beginner to intermediate players.​

  • Discover the best way to practice.

  • Unlock videos to help you learn

  • Download PDFs with all the knowledge you need to rock.

  • Self-Reflection rituals help you tap into your power and benefit all parts of your life.

  • Online community to support, encourage and motivate.

"Krystle Baller makes me think I can do it all."

-Amy Harrison

High School Teacher

"I hope Krystle's influence continues to spread.  She is a genuine individual and I appreciate her creativity and intent." 

-Nancy Sam

Rockstar mom & shero to animals

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What makes this different from other guitar courses?

Playing guitar should relieve stress, not cause it.  When you look at a lot of the other popular programs, it can be overwhelming. 


Some key differences are:

  • a genuine connection as we tap into emotion and expression.

  • Alternative solutions so EVERYONE can play a song regardless experience.

  • Simple breakdowns of all aspects of a song including solos and singing.

  • Learning HOW to practice.

  • Gentle approach creates space for growth.

  • Connection and healing through music

  • Simple page navigation without a million versions of the same song

  • Motivation to step into your power and use your voice.

  • Big d*ck energy without a giant phallus.

  • A supportive and encouraging femme-centric community.

"I’ve also had the honor of doing Lady Rockstars a couple of times. I’ve had no previous experience with guitar and I learned 2 songs in 4 weeks!"

-Rosemary Stanley

Web Developer/Programmer

"Lady Rockstars was such fun! What a rush! Channel your inner rockstar and join a class! Krystle is a fantastic teacher and an even better leader in your journey! I had a blast."

-Pam Sullivan


What's the deal with all the girl power?

Women are underrepresented in music and every where else and it’s time to turn the tables.


Music gave Krystle her power back.

It’s her life’s purpose to spread the word. 


She actually gave a TEDx Talk about it. 


The planet is better when there is a balance of power. It’s been out of whack for far too long and you can help shift women into an awakening.  

"Krystle is one of the most creative people I know! She is providing a wonderfully stimulating learning experience for young and old alike."

-Wendy Swiger


"Krystle is one of those rare folks who puts their heart and soul out there, creating and sharing, standing naked before the world, hoping that the work that they do will change just one life—just one, and that would make it all worth it. This woman...this warrior, she is changing MANY lives."

-Sarah Klapprodt

Yoga Instructor, Supermom

What is a self reflection ritual and why do you have them?

A self reflection ritual is creating a moment in time where you align body, mind and soul.

It’s part of women taking their power back.  


When you are learning guitar, your brain is creating a new neural network, forming new connections (making new memories).  

While your brain is in this open learning state it is very beneficial to introduce critical thinking around old habits and establish new patterns on a personal and spiritual level to elevate yourself and the world.

You'll get creative writing prompts, spells, and visualization activities that align with the song you choose.

"Krystle has created something really unique and special! I encourage everyone interested in learning music to seek lessons here."

-MaryAnn Braun

Lead singer and Ukulele player

"I have always wanted to be in a band but convinced myself I wasn't talented or creative enough to do it, but Krystle changed everything for me!"

-Rachel Sheerin


What if I try it and I'm not feeling it?

I want you to be completely without risk and feel good about your purchase, so here’s my guarantee.

If you try it and you aren't satisfied I'll give you a full refund within the first 30 days.

Guitar lessons on average cost $60 an hour.  For $47 you'll get over an hour of video instruction you can dig through at your own pace, pdfs with all the self reflection rituals and a guitar guide that will walk you through the song in a super easy and fun way.  


For beginner students, it usually takes multiple one on one lessons to learn a complete rock song.  Those hours add up.  This way is super affordable and you can go back to refresh if you need to at any time!

"If you're even vaguely considering Lady Rockstars, do it! Krystle is a visionary, both at teaching music and bringing women together in an empowering space. Life altering experience."

-Christine Dvorsky Lukowitsch

Textile Artist & Fashion Designer

"Krystle is excited about life and truly wants to help others, it's infectious."

-Joanne Mason Trull

Drummer, Hair Stylist

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