Zero Mansplaining

online Guitar and bass lessons for
women and nonbinary folx
FOR MATURE TEENS AND grown ass womxn

A recent study from Fender showed that 50% of all new guitar players are women.  Why then are the most prominent teachers online men? 


Why are songs written by women, queer or

non-binary folks hard to find tutorials for online?


The answer is simple. 

Our lack of representation in the music industry is an echo of centuries of women and LGBTQ+ peoples' voices being silenced.

We are living in a revolutionary moment herstory. Time to shift from being passive listeners to active players.


You are worthy of having more than a nurturing side, becoming a rebel even if it's quietly at home... in your room... with your guitar.


It's not going to be a jarring revelation, but a gentle awakening. 


Time to co-create the soundtrack for the Great Shift from masculine to feminine and honor our place in herstory.

Finally A Guitar and Bass Learning Safe Space for Women and gender nonconformists


"Shit, thanks really, it was so hard to find this alternative way... Thank you thank you thank you from Brazil"

-Malu B.

"Love the videos and how you teach. Thank you."

-Kathlen M.

Plugged In

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Learn how to play guitar and bass

from feminist punk rock guru, Krystle Baller

  • Go at your own pace

  • Learn Guitar​​

    • Chords​

    • Strumming

    • Transitions

    • Solos

    • Finger Picking

    • Hammer Ons, Pull offs, Pitch Bends and other fingerboard techniques

    • Jamming

    • Singing and Playing

  • Learn Bass Technique​

    • Fretting​

    • Playing with your fingers and a pick

    • Slapping bass

    • Rhythms

    • Hammer Ons, Pull offs, Pitch Bends and other fingerboard techniques

    • Finding a Groove

    • Solos

    • Jamming

    • Singing and Playing

  • For complete beginner to intermediate players.​

  • Cultivate your own practice space and routine

  • New videos every week

  • Download PDFs with all the knowledge you need to rock.

  • Featured monthly songs with live lessons from Krystle Baller

  • Mobile App makes learning from your phone even easier!

  • Online community to nurture, support, encourage and motivate.

"Krystle is fun, reliable, creative and compassionate.  She can teach AND inspire.  She's encouraging, patient and fun, a natural teacher.  Her sense of humor is great.  She has a way of saying things that most others can't."

-Kelly F. 

Lady Rockstars Alumni, 2014

"After 3 days of working with your site 10 min/day (sometimes less if I'm honest) I can actually sing and strum simultaneously, which I thought was never gonna be possible! ha! Thank you for not being a dude who is trying to teach me "Free Bird". Seriously. Your site is amazing.

-Fiona K.

Plugged In, 2020

what makes this different

Playing guitar should relieve stress, not cause it.  When you look at a lot of the other popular programs, it can be an overwhelming sausage fest. 


Some key differences are:

  • Genuine connection through discussion.

  • Alternative solutions so EVERYONE can play a song regardless experience.

  • Simple breakdowns of all aspects of a song including solos and singing.

  • Learning HOW to practice.

  • Zero mansplaining.

  • Gentle approach from a like-minded human creates the space for growth.

  • Healing music rituals curated for those who are into that kind of thing.

  • Simple page navigation without a million versions of the same song

  • Motivation to step into your power and use your voice.

  • Big d*ck energy without a giant phallus.

  • A supportive and encouraging femme-centric community.


"Krystle Baller makes me think I can do it all."

-Amy H.

"I hope Krystle's influence continues to spread.  She is a genuine individual and I appreciate her creativity and intent." 

-Nancy S.


Music saved my life. I grew up in an abusive environment and after being sexually assaulted as a teen I was ready to end my life.  I clung to music as an escape and dreamed of playing bass and guitar like my heroes. I didn't play music on stage until the age of 24 even though I'd been playing bass secretly in my room for years.


It was hard for me to believe that I was worthy of being on stage. All of my childhood musical heroes were men, how could I see myself in a space where I wasn't represented?

I helped co-create a Girls Rock Camp in 2014 and after that incredible experience, I started a program just for womxn, called Lady Rockstars.  We form bands, play open mics together and participate in some really beautiful connection activities along the way.  Since it's beginning I've created over 75 all women bands in Charlotte, NC.

One day one of my students told me, "I feel so grateful for this experience and I keep doing this class again and again because there's no where else in the world I can have this."

Those words inspired me to take my in-person classes into an online format.  I had already been making YouTube videos for my students so the back-content was there. 

In my search for tutorials for songs written by and featuring women on the internet I was often empty handed and I reached a level of "Fuck it, I'll do it myself then."

So here it is.  This thing I've been nurturing.  It's growing like I never imagined it would and I'm honored you are even here, reading these words, in this very moment.

Even if you don't have the means to subscribe, please check out my YouTube channel.  I still provide free content there.  Women led music lessons should be accessible to everyone. 


The time of the divine feminine has come.  I am a musical shepard who shows women and gender diverse people that they have everything they need to participate in the shift within them.