Krystle Baller

Krystle is the owner of Pachyderm and teaches guitar, bass, voice, ukulele and songwriting.  She also facilitates the Lady Rockstars classes and all the camps and workshops.  Krystle lives up to her name by constantly pushing herself to achieve and develop.  She's been playing music for over 20 years and has a kind heart and encouraging spirit.  She loves working with people of all ages and inspires people to grow in whatever they are looking to get better at.  If you call, email or show up.  She'll usually be the one to warmly greet you!

Delana Turner

Delana teaches guitar, uke and songwriting!  Delana has been playing music for 15+ years and loves sharing her love of music with her students.  Friendly, fabulous and focused she digs teaching and is a natural with newbies.  This guitar goddess is also a jack-of-all-trades and helps out with admin stuff like booking, marketing and more.   We love having Delana on our team!

Celeste King

Celeste teaches Voice, Ukulele, Guitar and Keys.  She is knowledgable and warm so a great teacher for anyone dealing with self-esteem issues around their playing or just looking to fine tune their craft.  Celeste regularly works with children (with a focus on kids with special needs) through CMS.  She has a strong musical background and loves playing with her metal band when she's not teaching!

Olivia Conti

Olivia is Pachyderm's awesome and brilliant piano teacher.  She's been playing piano for over 15 years and loves seeing her students shine!  One of many of her special talents is an ability to coax students out of their shell and get them to play with confidence.  She's a fun teacher with a big heart and an encouraging smile.  

Marissa Barrett

Marissa teaches keys and is incredible with little ones.  She brings play and joy to every lesson.  She has been playing keys since she was little herself and loves incorporating songwriting into her teaching.  She blends a healthy mix of creativity in with learning all the go-to piano techniques.

Mitch Moore

Mitch's life long dream is teaching!  He spent time in Ukraine working with children and teaching them percussion and found his love for teaching there.  Mitch is so happy to be sharing his love of music with his students at Pachyderm.  Mitch plays locally in 10 bands and is a great inspiration for any young drummers looking to play locally and beyond! 

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